There Is Life On Mars – And On The Moon Too…

There is life on Mars (And on the Moon too)
In 2021 there are still those, especially in the public eye, that tell us that humans are the only existence in a seemingly endless universe.
A universe that has billions of stars, a multitude of planets and planetary systems that like us are formed by sacred geometry.
How can people entertain such narrow minded thoughts?
There is clearly a higher force communicating and we can see this with the famous monuments and monoliths of the world and we can see it when we look deeper into mathematics.
Did you know that within the longitude and latitude grid vectors of the Face on Mars it contains the grid vector co-ordinates of Stonehenge?
Did you know that the Pyramids of Egypt give you the grid reference of the Cydonian city on Mars in the same way? A kind of cosmic satnav that enables coordinated mathematical travel. And this is true of monument after monument around earth…
Did you know that when you place a map of the Cydonian city on Mars over Avebury in Wiltshire, UK, the location of Stonehenge, it is an exact map overlay?
And did you know that the largest mound in Europe, the ‘Altar of Witness’ in Silbury Hill, matches exactly the mound in the Cydonian city on Mars?
What is also interesting is that the famous monuments of Earth pertain to a planetary system and its planetary orbit. Silbury represents both Mars and Earth, clearly showing that there is a connection between these two places.
Mars also has five sided pyramids, the pentagram, which is referring to ‘Realized man’ and a sixth sense, pure consciousness and takes us into the consciousness level of humanity.
Did you know that on one of the Moons of Mars, Phobos (Mars 1) there is an obelisk and that there are 6 obelisks called the ‘Lunar Abaka’ on the Moon that correspond to the three main pyramids of Giza in Egypt?
This is relevant as the obelisk is the symbol of the Egyptian God Osiris (Mars Mapped Giza In Egypt)…
For those who can see beyond the veil it is obvious that there is either numerous civilizations able to travel between the planets or there is one civilization traveling back and forth.
Either way there is a clear connection between Mars, the Moon and Earth.
I will in a subsequent article write about the likes of Stonehenge and the Pyramids around the world being a portal opening gateway to the stars and planets.
But that is for another time!

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