The Police State

People often believe that a Police-State is a military style policing system, it is not! A police state is a system where civilians (civilian = of Civil law, which is fixed by custom rather than Natural or Astronomical) have police powers which can be seen now with increasing intensity. When i see marked police vehicle’s they are often driven by PCSO’s, i see council enforcement officers being given increasing powers of fine’s and enforcement, i also saw the other week civil road enforcement officers requiring motorists to stop at checkpoints.

We are all Convicts of this legal system by way of being a Victim of a Con! it is no more than a church ecclesiastical system (Reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, Inquisition = period of prolonged questioning) stemming from Maritime Law and many of the legal terms give this clue. State your Name = NA-ME = No divine law, you are being Prosecuted = Pros-Se-Cutis = Skin, you are representing your own skin (Strawman connotations there) which stems from Cestie Que Vie Trusts of the Vatican Church (who run maritime law) enforced in the ‘Dock’ by the Bench = Banco = Bank (commerce law)… Criminal how do you plea? = Cri-men = screams of distress (plea = emotional appeal) Crime = Sinfulness! I could go on but in a nutshell we are from Birth (Berth, docking station for a ship) to Death, Corpus, a dead entity, a business owned by the state (Vatican Trusts) we have right of usage but we own nothing, they own it all under their contrived legal system, held in Lex Fori (law of the forum) Roman/Vatican Law (forum = COURTyard where justice and business was addressed) …


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