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How important is research to you when writing a book?

My books are written as a result of either personal experiences (usually paranormal) and also as a result of deep research into esoteric subjects.  It is really important to learn for yourself and to look  into things rather than take the word of another as truth. When I write, especially for my latest book about the religions of the world, I evidence what I have written and could happily and easily go into a room of priests and clergy and stand my ground, evidence speaks loudly and
fact gives you the confidence needed to do it!

What makes this particular genre you are involved in so special?

The genre that I specialise in deals with the deliberate concealment
of truth and knowledge from the masses in order to gain an advantage
over them.  What I do is expose this and inform people of the systems
that enable this to happen to them.  This is self-empowering and when it
realised their world changes for the better. Knowledge is power!

Do you think writers have a normal life like others?

I think that writers are normal people who decide through creative
tendencies to want to inform people of what they have either experienced
or know.  They use the audible manifestations of thoughts (abstract
concepts) which are words in order to express this. I suppose that
normality depends on what it is that the writer is writing about, if
like me it is about personal paranormal experiences and the obtaining of
ancient secret and hidden knowledge it can lead you away from the
normality of society and therefore at times is can be difficult to feel

What is your take on the importance of a good cover and title?

The cover and title of your book is the shop front that you want
people to enter. As visual beings we favour optic images and striking
and intriguing titles and this is the first thing that anyone will see.
They don’t necessarily know you or know about your work so it’s a small
window of opportunity to occupy a split second of their time.

Do you attend literary lunches or events?

I have been in recent talks with local libraries to do just that so
we’ll see what develops. However I have taken part in Tv shows such as
the BBC, Channel 4 and a few independent satellite shows and
documentaries. I have also been on national talks and on the Radio in
both the UK and USA. I am also a regular columnist for online paranormal
magazines and enjoy any platform which enables me to reach out to

Tell us about your writing style, how is it different from other writers?

I served for 17 years as a front-line police officer in the UK and my
writing style has been influenced to an extent by this. I am factual
based but succinct and to the point as I needed to be with my police
evidential writing.  I don’t tend to labour a point but I cut to the
chase and provide evidence for what I have said without losing poetic
license and fluent expression.

Have you ever incorporated something that happened to you in real life into your novels?

Yes, everything that I have ever written about, whether
UFO/paranormal happenings, to ghostly/poltergeist activity to seeing
apparitions of historical famous people and much more it all involved
what has happened personally to me. I also go into detail as to what it
means to both myself and on a much wider planetary level too.

Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

Yes, I have just released my latest book entitled The Secret Of Christ – The Christos Code which details how religious characters and
stories such as Jesus and Moses were never real people that they were
metaphors for a planetary and genetic synergy we know as ‘Medical
Astronomy’.  It is an eye opening and revolutionary book that blows open
all the mistruths of our past and present! For anyone who likes Dan
Brown and the Da Vinci code this is a must for you and it’s real!

Did any of your books get rejected by publishers?

Yes, nearly all of them due to the specific nature of them that I was
told was very interesting and unique but ‘Not for our lists’.  It is
difficult when you have a message that is not the usual mainstream
subjects but perseverance is key.

Do you reply back to your fans and admirers personally?

I wouldn’t use the terms of admirers/fans as it seems to put me above
them when everyone is equal. But yes, any message, any question sent to
me gets an answer. I spend a lot of time doing just that from those who
wish to access the information I have learned or have personally

What is your view on co-authoring books; have you done any?

Yes, I have co-authored several books with my wife.  I think that
it’s valuable to combine knowledge and experience for the betterment of
the work. I guess problems arise when you are not on the same hymn sheet
and have different viewpoints, but this has never been an issue for me.

What is that one thing you think readers generally don’t know about your specific genre?

I think generally because of many generations of indoctrination of
the minds of the public they simply don’t realise that there is an
agenda against them from the very people they entrust to take care of
their interests.  My genre aims to inform them otherwise!

Which writer’s work do you believe most resembles your work?

I would say that in content Dan Brown most resembles what I too write
about which is secret knowledge and symbology as a hidden language of
the initiates dating back to the mystery schools of Egypt. Whereas Dan
writes as a fiction I write them as non-fiction, which they really are,
with evidence for the subject matter.

Although all books say that all the characters in the book
aren’t real or related, but are they really all fictional and made up?

For my latest book The Secret Of Christ – The Christos Code which
was taken from a quote by Pope Leo x,  I am saying that the bible and
other religious books are full of fictional people and deliberately made
up, so in this case definitely.

You don’t have to be a writer in order to be an author – how true is that?

It’s one thing to write something down on a piece of paper and it’s
another to be an ‘Authority’ (Author) on your subject. One requires deep
knowledge of your subject and one doesn’t and I think the two can be a
distance apart.

How big of a part does music play in creating your “zone”?

Music is a vibration that relates and reacts to a similar vibration
like ourselves; your vibe attracts your tribe.  Music can lift us and
inspire us and that is certainly the case for me, lyrics are words and
they touch and penetrate areas indefensible to octave waves.

Have you ever turned a dream or a nightmare into a written piece?

Yes, the first chapters of my first book was about when I and my wife
relived, or was at least shown in an animated way, the death of a
teenage girl from Victorian England who had been a spirit attachment in
both our energy fields for a considerable time, a waking nightmare and
very real.

How hard was it to sit down and actually start writing something?

For me not very hard at all, I tend to let my mind drift and I get
words, almost like a channelling, that start off the passage or chapter
and the rest just follows in an orderly queue.

Writers are often associated with loner tendencies; is there any truth to that?

I can only answer that from my prospective. I am happy alone and I
write better in solitude and my work which is very much a far cry from
mainstream work often puts me in a place of isolation from many orthodox
views and teachings.

What, according to you, is the hardest thing about writing?

For me as a non- fiction writer the hardest part can be the
discipline it takes to actually stick to the subject at hand. It is easy
to go off in many different tangents, as the evidence wants to take you
there, and before you know it you turn around to see that the coastline
has gone.

Any advice you would like to give to your younger self?

Enjoy being young, you can’t buy experience you have to live and learn and that then naturally turns into wisdom.

 Do your novels carry a message?

Yes, you are great; you are universal brilliance in a bottle sized
human body. You have so much more to offer than to be born, work all
your life and pay taxes and then die.  Rise up and be counted!

The Secret Of Christ – The Christos Code  Michael’s new and revealing book!

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