The Queen And I


It is August 1993 and I wake up before the solar Sun to attend a highly intense security police briefing before the public visit of Queen Elizabeth II later that day.

Tense and nervous senior ranks of police officers detail the route to be taken by the Royal convoy at every stage of its tour.

Secret radio messages would indicate the exact position of the Royal vehicle as each wheel turned closer towards me and my static position.

Helicopters above, search teams below, uniformed and plain clothes police everywhere, firearms teams in position in and out of public view and me, a small cog in a very large protective wheel…

With a tense sweat dripping from our brow and creating a miniature ocean on the floor the Royal convoy and close protection teams arrive.

So far so good, no hiccups and no breaches of security.

The Queen walks around the gathered crowds closely guarded by highly trained protection officers, who never left her side, front or her rear!

Then came something that plays on my mind even today, something that makes no sense and doesn’t happen. An eery occurrence that still leaves questions in my mind some 25 years later.

I began to walk across a public Square, alone, when I saw none other than the Queen of England walking towards me across the same public Square, the area was empty apart from the two of us.

We silently walked passed one another and although I was looking straight at her she was looking slightly to her right in blank drone facial expression not even acknowledging my presence there, some 3 feet away from her as i walked passed.

I do not know where she went from that point.

The aspect that troubles me even to this day is the empty vessel feeling that I experienced from her.

In all the Royal visits that I have attended as a police officer in London and elsewhere in the UK, where I have been in close proximity to the Queen, this is the only time I have ever felt this way.

It is not normal for the monarch to be allowed to walk unaccompanied and unprotected in a public place by herself, just a stones throw away from large crowds.

Why did she appear so vacant and un-acknowledging?

Some prominent researchers suggest possible clones of distraction, this was a strange encounter that was anything but normal…


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