Children In Need – The Real Symbology…

In a world of plenty no child should go without and I would never frown at a generous individual giving a gift to make a child’s life better.

In the UK in the very near future we have a televised public charity event called ‘Children In Need’ in which celebs and the public undertake in various events in order to raise funds for children in need, as the name suggests!

But what I do frown upon is the hidden symbols in our face that the majority don’t see, much to the titillation of those in secret corridors who hold onto the global purse strings.

They are the ones who have deliberately steered global politics to such an unbalanced way that this has caused the situation whereby children are in need in the first place. This is a disgrace!

So what is the symbology?

The mascot of this ceremony is ‘Pudsey Bear’

Pudsey derives from the Old English “Pudoc” which means island or river land.

This is relevant as you will see in a moment.

A bear is symbolic of ‘Inner Most Thoughts’ which again is relevant, a thought is an intransitive awareness, an awareness without form, it is a higher connection.

The word child originates from the Germanic word ‘Kiltham’ which means womb, again this is relevant.

So why is all this relevant?

The covering of the right eye leaving the left eye exposed, as shown on the mascot of Pudsey bear, is the symbol of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the goddess of Motherhood.

Isis is also esoterically really the Pituitary gland which is part of the three master glands of the human third eye system of consciousness. The Pituitary gland also deals with lactation.

Many celebs also do the symbolic eye covering gesture as a means of secretly showing that they are involved in Goddess Isis cults (pictures of examples on this thread).

The dot (including the dots upon the eye patch on Pudsey bear) means universal consciousness and the key to all knowledge is contained within the dot.

Isis was also the river Goddess which is relevant to the meaning of the name Pudsey.

So as you and many millions of people watch this televised event please give thought to the hidden meanings that are blatantly in your face and ask yourself just why the world leaves children in need of anything.

It is this way because it is designed that way…

The whole ceremony and mascot is Masonic Egyptian symbology in which the secret brotherhoods see themselves as the enlightened and the rest of us as Minotaur’s lost in the maze of deception…

Best regards

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