The Real Holy Trinity

Genesis is the first book of the bible and it has a genetic meaning. I have highlighted this with Adam and Eve and many other biblical stories and characters which are really genetics and were never real people…that is the great secret and also the great deception and I detail this at its deepest levels in my forthcoming book ‘The Real Identity Of Christ – Secrets Of The Codex Vaticanus’…

So what about another aspect of the bible the ‘Holy Trinity’?

Holy has a few different meanings purely dependent upon what language you use but since the Bible is a division of the Hebrew scriptures I will use the Hebrew definition.

In Hebrew Holy means Qodesh which is to separate or to divide into distinct elements. So straight away we can see that it is referring to atoms and genetics in a hidden way.

And that is correct because the Holy Trinity is the 3 sub-atomic particles of the atom, namely the Neutron (Father/Stability), the Proton (The Son/Sun) and the Electron (Holy Spirit).

The Electron is the Holy Spirit because spirit is the ‘Non-decaying’ spin of the electron and the movement of these electrons cause electricity which is the power of the Holy spirit within us!

When electrons become excited they give off what is known as an ‘Electron Cloud’ which resembles a ghost, this is the Holy Ghost…

We could then go into the realms and the domain of consciousness as consciousness manifests at a sub-atomic level and then that could lead us onto many other religious references and even the ancient monuments of the world that we are told are a mystery.

Well they are not a mystery to me as I have deciphered their esoteric meanings and representations.

I am currently on a talk/conference circuit around the UK whereby I disclose many thousands of years of secrets to my audiences.

I hope to see you there!

Best regards

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