The Real Meaning Of Baphomet…

Many ancient symbols, albeit they have different connotations today, were originally symbols of consciousness and a perfect example of this is Baphomet. Today, Baphomet is associated with Satan, but this hasn’t always been the case!

Esoterically, Baphomet is a symbol of initiation into the secret mysteries. It is a phrase for Father of the Temple and is stated as ‘Temple Omnium Hominum Pads Abba’ which is TEM OHP AB, spelling Baphomet in reverse. .

Baphomet is the origin of Mahomet which is Mohamed of Islamic faith, Mahomet means prophet…

The He-goat is symbolic of as above, so below, the elemental energies of the heavens above and the fallen energies of Earth below.

The father is the Hippocampus and the temple is the head. ‘Hippo’ means ‘horse’ and ‘campus’ (Kampos) means ‘sea monster’ or ‘sea horse’. This is why we see depictions of Poseidon riding sea horses.

Poseidon is the God of the sea and water, and includes being the ruler of the pineal gland which is surrounded by water, namely the cerebrospinal fluid.

The horns of the hippocampus are ‘Ammons Horn’ and Amon/Amun means hidden, even Moses is sometimes shown with such horns. The hippocampus relates to learning and it is an ancient Gnosis and science known as the oracle or the holy of holies. The trident of Poseidon is Shin (fire), the three prongs known as the trishula meaning three spears.

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  1. Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your much needed knowledge. I’ve heard that Baphomet also represents the ages of Aquarius and Capricorn as they are actually one age, the Golden Age 🤗
    I took a pic of an upside down rainbow above my car last year and realized above it is an amazing likeness of Poseidon with triton and horns in the clouds! 😱
    Favor to you

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