What Is A Virus?

The term virus comes from the Latin word for poison or venom, which is probably related to the Sanskrit word visha, meaning toxin or poison.

The cells of our body swell and become mangled when exposed to poisonous substances (such as heavy metals, toxic foods, pesticides, chemicals and so forth) and then modern scientists mislabel these symptoms of environmental poisoning as specific diseases caused by viruses.

In plain language, what we attribute to a tiny particle actually has an environmental basis. We can see that the disease in many cases didn’t arise from a virus, but from a toxin introduced into the body.

The body then uses various ways to remove the poison such as vomiting.

So in a nutshell, Viruses are created by our bodies when cells are poisoned!! They are NOT the cause of anything, and cannot be transmitted from person to person or from animal to person…

We then go to the pharmacy which derives from Pharmaceia who was a water nymph who lived in the sea of poison, there seems to be a pattern emerging here!

Maybe just maybe these so called viruses are our body fighting against the constant bombardment of outside environmental poisons that we are subjected to on a daily basis and maybe just maybe we are being lied to!

I guess the being lied to is more correct…



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