The Sacred Bloodline

Well renowned researchers like David Icke tell you that world leaders and Royalty are related by bloodlines forming an elite club of ruler-ship. This is totally correct, but it goes deeper than a simple boys club of linear lines.

It stems back to a custom of the Egyptian priesthoods who passed this custom on to all other priesthoods thereafter.

I speak often about a sacred knowledge that is hidden behind codes and symbols, so that it confuses the uninitiated. It confuses those who have not been taught how to interpret the codes correctly. When you do interpret the codes correctly the true meanings become known and they are completely different to what is being taught to unsuspecting parishioners each day and each week. They have been fooled, they remain Minotaur’s forever walking in the labyrinth of ignorance.

The whole of the world’s religions are cover-ups for this knowledge and so are ancient monoliths and monuments and even mythical characters such as King Arthur and Merlin.

So what is this custom, well it involved incest and DNA, more precisely Haplogroup DNA.

Those who hold onto this sacred and mysterious knowledge want to retain it for themselves and their Kin-ships (Kin = Kings) and they know that your gnosis (Knowledge) is encoded within your DNA inherited from your ancestral line (X-Chromosome, the real Planet X of the Anunnaki story).

The likes of incest keeps this special Royal road (Blood which carries DNA) in-house and ensures sacred knowledge is retained genetically for their own family generation after generation. This is why they marry their own family (although the public are told otherwise), it is to allow their siblings access to this genetically carried sacred knowledge, which is a genetic inheritance.

Your knowledge base comes from your ancestral lineage, Plato called this the Platonic Epistemology and that the recognition of symbols/codes and knowledge came from a past existence.

It is your DNA that hides your knowledge base and your gnosis and you cannot get this from £99 New Age Ascended Master courses, with a paper certificate at the end, only from within.

These mysteries are encoded within your blood and subsequently your DNA and their reactivation is Royal blood.

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