Want A Successful Marriage? Then Just Follow The Atom…

Marriage goes beyond a Church service, it is universal order, as we seek to return to the energy of purpose. That universal order is wavelength energies that can interplay between two polarities. This unites male and female energies into a united whole.

If we wish to have a good marriage as a union of male and female in a physical body then we need look no further than the atom and how our tiny friends achieve stability, as atoms also get married to each other.

Male and female are two separate energies working toward union. Even atomically positive particles (male) and negative particles (female) are doing the same. Within the atom we also have a positive male nucleus and a negative female electron shell which are married to the nucleus to produce as a ‘whole’ atom.

The marriage of atoms produced the molecules that created life and eventually man. Man must also create life greater than himself through marriage or the union of opposites, which leads to the evolution of life consciousness, attaining godliness, creating in his image the grand heavenly man.

Molecular marriage or molecular relationship is a pattern that man must follow or be separate and single preventing evolutionary progress. .

This is a basis of Christianity and sexual alchemy and the correct use of this sacred sexual energy is the real identity of the likes of Christ, Satan and Lucifer, none of which are real people or entities, but are instead a metaphor for these inner processes.

The lowly evolved may only have the lower chakras opened, but a highly evolved initiate will have energy circulating unimpeded through all 7 centers.

Atoms also have 7 energy centers which open into circulation as the atom evolves from hydrogen to radium and they are found in the orbit of the atom and are called ‘Electron Shells’

When all centers are open there will be an atomic and bodily aura glow, which is what the illumination of Christ upon Mount Hermon is describing, Christ is really referring to all of us, and our own inner fire (esoterically called the ‘Krestos’).

People in certain circles comment upon the likes of Bohemian Grove in California which sees world leaders embarking upon certain rituals such as the ‘Cremation Of Care’ and guess at its true meaning. In these initiation circles the mind, which is male, as part of a cycle of evolution, is meant to dominate the female emotions in us all to lead us from matter to spirit. It is really just ritualistic of this.

Duality, as indicated by the masonic Black and White chequered flooring and others, is really telling us that we are ignorant of our own divine light and inner spark, our inner light.

Our DNA is a minute universe within us, all seeking to return to the energy of purpose. Sperm cells carry X chromosomes which fertilizes the egg with either XX (Female) or XY (Male) and their hormones determine gender. One of the X’s is removed so as to prevent future infertility in males. X Chromosomes are the famous Planet X of the Annunaki story and the Sumerian scrolls, but not many know this…instead they are looking for a rogue planet on a 3600 year orbit of Earth.

We have all the tools that we need within us to evolve and ascend…

As above, so below…

Kind regards…


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