The Vatican And The New World Order…

Many claim to do Gods work, many religious groups claim to be of sanctity and love and they create a facade that attracts the following of the misinformed who believe without question and never challenge everything that their leaders say.

The Vatican is one such group, followed by a billion people worldwide and having great influence and power over many minds and lives. But behind the public face of God loving Christians there is a sinister undercurrent of world domination.

The Vatican pulls the strings of power over many secret societies such as the Knights of Malta who control the world banks and the Vatican controls the world of commerce with its Maritime law and the Cestie Que Vie trusts (Symbolized by the 3 tiered crown)

There is a fondness for the apparent leader of the Vatican and Catholicism, the Pope, but the decisions of the Pope, currently Pope Francis (not his real name) are controlled by the Black Pope. The Black Pope is the Superior General of the Jesuit Order and they are the spiritual gatekeepers of the New World Order and the Illuminati, known as the enlightened ones!

They act as Chameleons infiltrating other religions with a view to destroying them in order to bring about the one world religion the ‘New World Order’ requires and that religion will be based upon Satanism or as it is really known Saturnism.

The colour associated with Saturn is Black hence why the Saturnalian brotherhoods, like the Black Pope and many court judges, wear Black robes. Saturnalia was the original name for Rome. The Black and Red robes worn by the priests indicate a spiritual transformation into the occult and the white robes are the candidatus (candidate). The Vatican (Pope Pius 12th) assisted high ranking Nazi’s to flee Germany after WWII and the Federal Reserve (Run by the Knights of Malta) funded the rise of Hitler.

What some religions mistake for Biblical prophecy is really just a well executed plan planned hundreds of years in advance. For example in the Jehovah’s witness religion they state that the penultimate sign before Armageddon is world governments turning against religion.

This is purely the New World Order being played out and not the final battle of God before the 1000 year rule of Christ, this aspect also has a much deeper meaning.

The world is being steered in a planned direction of world dominance and one of the world’s biggest and most followed religion is at the helm…

Behind the Godlike smiles is the assassins riffle…

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