What If We Are The Aliens?

UFO after UFO community revere in aliens visiting Earth for varying reasons, the negative and the positive and the neutral.

Many films and books have taken this theme as a script, the hero that defeats the mother-ship and saves Earth from a foreign galactic take-over.

Videos and photos of proof and evidence taken by ordinary people that we are being visited from a galaxy far far away!

I myself have personally seen countless UFO’s both day and night in our skies, I have seen 2 dimensional portals opening up, one of which emanated a craft before the portal dissipated. I have seen many other things too that have proven to me that we are not alone on this planet.

But what if we were to turn the current state of belief and opinion onto its head and look at it from a different prospective?

When we look at the most grandiose monuments around the world, not least the Pyramids of Egypt, we can see advanced knowledge and advanced technology in their construction that eludes the modern day machinery and innovation.

I have deciphered a code that tells us exactly how advanced this sacred knowledge was/is and how advanced the builders were in their knowledge of the likes of geometry that they have deliberately encoded within, containing life changing information about ourselves!

The likes of the Egyptians documented everything they did, in fact the ancient Egyptians believed that writing was invented by the god Thoth and called their hieroglyphic script “mdju netjer” (“words of the gods”).

The word hieroglyph comes from the Greek hieros (sacred) plus glypho (inscriptions)…

With this being the case why did they not document how they built the pyramids? Surely if you were involved and responsible for such greatness then you would announce it?

Some have also suggested that the Pyramids were there before the Egyptians and that they didn’t actually build them.

I will now turn years of enthusiastic passion on its head with a theory. What if the so called Aliens are not visiting us but were here before us and that we are actually visiting them?

What if they were already inhabiting Earth when humans arrived?

Not all races of course but some of them!

Would it not make sense that we found these monuments already constructed and that certain over-classes of the human visitors to Earth, the new inhabitants, were taught of their secrets by their builders? Secrets that are still kept secret today only for the chosen eyes to see and the chosen minds to know.

Secrets of the universe and geometric creation…

It makes perfect sense…what if we are the Aliens?

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