There’s More Than This

By Michael Feeley
I was born with an
open mind, from an early age I knew there was more to existence than this, born
to live and to work and pay taxes and die, no, this wasn’t right. It was an
innate feeling that seemed to be born with me, recognition of a system already
in place that I had unwittingly entered, maybe not for the first time. A shy
and almost reclusive child I grew up wanting my own company and my own space,
maybe a self-awareness of energetic fields encroaching one another, my bedroom
door a force-field of impenetrable power to cut out the world that I didn’t
necessarily feel a part of. I knew I was different in my own bubble and cocoon
and that feeling has survived the duration of time until this day whereby I still
have the same feelings, an incompatibility with the way things are and the way
in which people act. If there was to be other worldly existences then why would
they want to venture into a hostile land of cut and thrust?
I joined the police
service in my early twenties firstly in London and then Birmingham enforcing
worldly laws unknowingly serving a system of control hidden within the careful
and intricate web of fraud and deceit stemming back to ancient days and the
Roman Empire and the Jesuit creation of the Roman Catholic Church who even
today own the souls of every human being on Earth due to an ancient trust and
right of claim never challenged.
But it was during
this time that my awakening was to happen, out of the void came the fulfilment
but it wasn’t always pleasant. After a traumatic awakening in 2009 I left my
career to begin a new life, the caterpillar from out of the chrysalis.
It was in February of
that year that my life was about to change forever and the para was to become
my normal as my life purpose was born out of abstract thought and into physical
reality. I, with my wife, was to relive the murder of a 14 year old Victorian
teenager at around 3am on the anniversary of her passing, as she showed me in
animated detail her last moments on the Earth plane as a physical being,
suffocated by her step-father who was also a spirit attachment around me, a
child stolen from linear time and placed into lateral time beyond the 3D
consciousness, unfinished business that prevented her from making that natural
journey between dimensions, as I woke up screaming with an unhuman like terror,
beyond condolence.  I had suffered
partial possession, poltergeist activity and a burden on my relationship as her
assailant tried to intervene from the spirit world as i researched the
teenager’s death, just as she had requested. Both had been attached to my wife
all her life and when we met I also entered into the timeless scene.  It took about 6 months for me to have the
courage to switch off the lights at night fearing another visitation, yet
another frightening event that had travelled 159 years forwards in time to my
time. Although now her story had been told, and business had now been
concluded, she had passed to the so called ‘other side’ but scars can take time
to heal and I didn’t know if mine ever would, I was a wreck and every sound,
every part of my day was a physical manifestation of the deepest paranoia.
The event completely
turned my life around in a complete 360 degree circle and now a
multi-dimensional reality had entered my awareness, my wife and I were
twin-souls it was proclaimed, two aspects of the same energy awakened. From
that point on I was about to embark on multiple events of the paranormal and
spiritual kind, witnessing first hand a multitude of unorthodox craft in our
skies both day and night, cigars floating in mid-air and dimensional gateways
opening up in the sky and at ground level before my very eyes as craft emerged
and flew off into the sky as the gateway closed behind them.
 One evening whilst at work as a police officer
I was involved in what appeared to me to be an actual landing by other-worldly
visitors as people reported figures and shadows in their street and electricity
sub-stations were exploding at a rate of one every few minutes, which the
electricity board themselves could not explain. This was accompanied by an
eerie sensation of we are not in control as I saw what appeared to be shooting
stars travel across the sky in juxtaposition at warp speeds, which were not
actually shooting stars, other events had also occurred complimenting the whole
incident which added to my belief.   There
are other worldly existences that have been here since the age of time and we
can see this in ancient monuments and their planetary and beyond pyramid matrix
system of coordinates.
This miracle is also
coded number sequences. We are told by the mainstream that our ancient
ancestors were primitive and used basic tools to create the fantastic monuments
we see today such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. But what they never
reveal is that these monuments the whole world over and beyond are connected by
Mathematics and for civilisations that never met, or so we are told, that is a
great achievement! In fact it is not possible. There has to have been a
coordinator with a panoramic viewpoint of Earth and beyond.
Each of these
monuments are encoded with the coordinates of all the others, Stonehenge
contains the location of the pyramids of Egypt within its own mathematical
numbering, the pyramids of Egypt contain the coordinates of Stonehenge, with
double PI mathematics; they even contain the latitude and longitude locations
of the face on Mars and pyramids in Cydonia on planet Mars itself.  It is a planetary matrix system of great
proportions and encoded directions between the great monuments by using the
universal language of maths. Even the pyramids of Peru and Mexico and other
lesser known monuments; contain the same encoded coordinates too.  They also refer to astronomical events such
as the Procession of the Equinox which happens every 26,000 years (25,920 to be
exact) For example there are 60 outer-stones in Stonehenge which is a circular
monument of 360 degrees. 360 x 60 = 21,600. If we drop the last 0 we get 2160
which is the amount of time each zodiac sign stays at the zenith. 2160 x 12 (12
zodiac signs) = 25,920, the procession of the equinox, the complete circuit of
Earth’s axis. 2160 is also within 1 foot of the diameter of the moon allowing
for a small margin of error (2159 miles exactly).
In addition to my UFO
sightings and experiences Electromagnetic forces (Angels) would visit each day
and night and make their presence known and show themselves to me as orbs and
masses of energy around me and at my home and beyond as they caused an energetic
explosion that lit up the room as they entered, the energy morphed into several
shapes before leaving. Gut feelings to go to certain places like a scene from
the movie close encounters of the third kind were not uncommon to me as I
travelled to those locations to witness non- physical beings approaching myself
my wife and friends from all directions, just as I had been shown in my mind’s
eye the previous day. I have even stood just a few feet away from a being not
of this world but walking amongst us, seemingly Pleiadian in origin. I have
also heard the voices of the wind, as they were called by Native American
Indians, gentle whispers as the wind passed my ears. There are many other
events too that I will share with you all in due course.
This is an introduction
into me, i am just an ordinary person seeing, feeling and experiencing
first-hand events of this magnitude each day. 
Do i have a purpose and do i have a choice?
The experiences
continue even to this day; but these days guided research is the way and much
esoteric knowledge of the world and the universe and its design has come my way
and not by chance, from the origins of religion to the mathematical make-up of
the universe and creation itself.
It is progressing me
fast down the ‘Rabbit Hole’ and it will take me just as far as i want to go.
Just an ordinary person living and acting out a not so ordinary scene in this
journey we call physical life, as I observe the reel of my movie spinning and
flickering by.
With a shovel in my
hands i dig deep.
Best regards
Michael Feeley

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