The One Time Beginning

By Michael Feeley
The void is dark,
there is no sound, no light and nothingness rules the universe.  All that exists is an abstract concept of pure
mathematics, encoded number sequences, finite and infinite fractals that will
later form shapes and instructions to give us the building blocks of life. Then
all at once a ‘One Time Beginning’ a Eureka moment, a flash of energy and
light, the Big bang and then the universe houses life as we know it. Massless
particles, light, slow down as they travel through Higgs Field and turn into
mass, causing condensed light to form physicality. Sub-atomic particles travel
back and forwards in time, the duration of existence that will become pinnacle
in our third dimensional reality. We are made of the same sub-atomic particles and
can therefore also time travel and this gives rise to the going back to our
past and forwards into our future, a quantum tunnelling effect. We are in many
places at the same time living out multi-dimensionality contributing to the
every possibility mix, all different actions of the same event but as a
parallel, resulting in a different conclusion.
Dimensions, the
minimum amount of coordinates required to specify a point within; provide rooms
within the dodecahedron system and wavelengths separate lifeforms behind a
small veil of frequency spectra so that they remain unseen but for a brief
glimpse as they tune in to one another.
The Russian doll of
micro macro trickles down to you and I as I sit here writing and you sit there
reading, but nevertheless we are an intricate part of the whole experiencing
every possibility until all returns to the whole once again, perfection knows
little without hands-on experience. We skip from one block of third dimensional
time to another which in order to continue to function as dimensionality must
have a definitive separation which is our life and death cycle, the transition
from linear to lateral time, a change of viewpoint as the movie slides that are
our life flicker from one scene to the next. 
As humans in modern
society we tend to journey through life blinkered, told by our media and our
religions that this is it, we have one life and then we become senseless and
non-existent for eternity.
But this is not the
case. In 2009 I left the police service mostly through disillusionment but also
due to a multitude of other-worldly events that were to change my life and my
perception of what life is, forever. This was to be my one time beginning but I
wasn’t intending on turning around and travelling back in time to my former
Imagine being
approached by an Earth-bound spirit, aged 14, trapped in our reality since the
year 1850 who asked you to investigate her death, which turned out to be at the
hands of her step-father who murdered her in her room. Then imagine suffering
poltergeist like events as windows smashed in the house for no apparent reason,
partial possession of my body occurred as I discovered that he too was attached
to my energy field trying to cause relationship problems between myself and my
wife. Then one early morning I was to experience a traumatic event, my wife and
I were shown and relived the girl’s last moments, we too experienced what she
had over 100 years earlier and it took us over 6 months before we would switch
the bedroom lights off again. This at the time did not seem like a good thing
but with the passage of time I learned of other realities and was then to
experience some of the niceties on offer. It seemed like I was being given a
rapid university course, a microwave learning syllabus but without any pressure
or urgency. 
With my wife I began to see what is commonly known as UFO’s sometimes
above me in broad daylight, cigar shaped craft, or at night seeing several
dimensional gateways opening up with craft emerging in the night sky and even
at ground level  whilst walking through a
local park at night with friends. I have even stood just a few feet away from a
being that was not from this planet but was walking amongst us. One night
whilst at work as a police officer I experienced what felt like a landing of
some kind that brought with it unusual sightings of figures in the streets and
gardens and an eerie sensation that we as police were not in control, even more
so when explosions began to occur within local electricity sub-stations that
the electricity board themselves could not explain. And for those of you who
have seen the movie close encounters of the third kind, I too have had callings
to go to certain locations on certain evenings, just like various characters in
the movie itself.
I have been visited
by electromagnetic forces also known as angels who have lit up the room with their
energetic entrance, I have experienced for myself what multi-dimensionality is
and I have been given deep esoteric knowledge that has always been kept within
the walls of the mystery schools for the chosen few, the initiates, which I
share as widely as possible and will share with you all on this site. Knowledge
is our rightful inheritance that is being hidden from us all and is in need of
being returned back to the public domain, this knowledge is written
mathematically within the likes of famous monuments such as the Pyramids of
Egypt and it is encoded in many other landmarks too.
I will continue
another time but for now I leave you with this fact, you are not alone, we are
not alone, we are all part of  a galactic
community of both high and low octaves, but they exist in our space as we in
theirs, just a frequency away.
Best wishes
Michael Feeley

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