This Is What Your Religion Should Be Teaching You

There is a deepness beyond the comprehension of most people, from the unconscious followers of religion to the general masses. There has been many ancient civilizations who somehow knew these magnificant secrets and held universal knowledge, such as the ancient Egyptians, who told us esoterically through their Gods, far greater than anything known today by the masses and even religious Guru’s. Hell, that word used to threaten us into compliance is ‘Life On Earth’. A psycho-physical (Body & Mind = Testament) spark of universal consciousness channelled through the Sun (Jesus/heavenly being) which then enters into the unconscious physical material flesh to self-experience, the burial of the soul, or as the Egyptians called it, Mummification, the sleep-state, the Karast (Krst = Christ/Burial), a universal principle implanted into unconscious matter (Matter = Material/physicality = condensed light as it goes through Higgs Field and vibrationally slows down) Jesus into a physical existence! So Jesus did the will of God = The Wheel of Gad (Zodiac, 12 signs = 12 disciples of Jesus/Sun). and the Lord’s prayer tells us that ‘Thy Will shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven’, which is the harmonisation and synchronisation between conscious thought and the subconscious mind. The teachings we are bound by are superficial that do tell us the true origins of ourselves, if we dig deep enough, but are hidden by cleverly written stories that throw us completely off the scent, just as intended! This is what your priests and religions should really be teaching you.

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