Trump – The Illusionary System

Nazareth, that Biblical place which means Priest-Kings, has a certain relevance even today. There has always been a Religious connection to Kings, politics and power, all go hand in hand both historically and in the modern day which is no different. Many American citizens do not know that in 1871 their constitution was superceded by Lex Fori (Law of the Forum) which is Roman Vatican Law, and the Potus (President, which also means Celebrant of Eucharist/Holy Communion) is Vassal King, holder of land answerable to the British Monarchy who in turn are answerable to the Vatican. Rome has a senate in Capitoline Hill and America has a senate in Capitol Hill! Both have the Eagle as their symbol, the word America also means ‘Rule of the eternal Eagle, or the eternal Eagle’s rule’. America is a corporation and Mr Trump is now CEO of that corporation. “Presidents are selected, not elected” – Roosevelt…The world is much much different to what we are told, the power strings are controlled by and attached to the hands of those we don’t ever see. Elections (El = Saturn) are not an act of fairness or democracy, they are an illusion, created to give the impression of a democracy. Don’t be fooled, your liberty depends upon it. And for those currently rioting over the loss of this electoral illusion, you are one of the reasons that humanity is in the mess it currently is!

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