What is a Lightworker?

I was asked at my talks many years ago why I had brought the dark into a certain venue because I pointed out the underhandedness that this world is run and controlled by.

I see many adverts then and now for events of the ‘Light’ and ‘Lightworkers’ as if they are a special section of society with special powers!

These phrases indicate a complete ignorance of what light is, I have already stated in a recent article that the Phrase Love & Light used within the ‘New Age’ is really a spin-off of Love, Light, Life, which is a phrase used by the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’ which are a section of the 18th degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry…

So why do they say that they are of the light?

Light is a vibration within the Electromagnetic spectrum (EM waves) that carries both visible light and invisible light, often referred to as Dark Matter (Dark Light)…all are the oscillation of a wavelength.

As humans we see less than 1% of the frequency spectrum and therefore are very limited as to what we can pick up and see, we are in many respects imprisoned within 5 senses and 7 colours.

Some things are visible to us and others are not, but the universe is 80% dark matter so is it all bad?

No, it is light that is not visible to our senses, but it is matter and it is there…

Light being good and dark being bad is a human perception, we are more trusting of things we can see than the things we cannot see.

Bear in mind that when the Bible states (and I reveal what the real bible means) that light was brought into being then it must have been created from a place of darkness (or really a place not visible)…

Dark is merely non-luminous light…

It is really time to smell the coffee and stop acting like ascended masters because we claim to be of the light!

We are all light, condensed light that becomes physical matter (material)…and at the point that the sperm meets the egg it gives off a flash of light to indicate conception, reminiscent of original universal creation but on a smaller scale. That light is Zinc atoms binding and emitting luminescence.

It’s time to become adults…

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