The Real Meaning Of Noah And The Ark…

We all loved the story of Noah and his ark taking on board the animals 2 by 2 in preparation for the forthcoming biblical flood so that the Earth could be replenished after the waters had ceased and gone.

But as with all Biblical stories there is a truth that is above public levels of religion, an underlying theme hidden from the masses and the congregations.

A truth that we are not supposed to know or ever decipher, but I have deciphered it.

This story as with all of the others is an allegory and a metaphor for the inner universe which is our own bodies, it is the science of self.

Despite the fake cries that the ark has been found and that there is physical evidence of this story and others, there is no physical evidence because it never happened. Not Christ not any of it, in the way we are being falsely taught that is.

So what about the story of Noah and his ark?

Noah is the seed inside us (seed of the soul/powerful expression of spiritual truth) and the seed within the human body is the seed in the shell.

The name Noah in Hebrew has two letters namely Nun, which means the waters of creation and Chet which means Life, therefore it is life within our internal waters (baby/fetus within its mother that exits post flood, breaking of the flood waters).

The sperm and the Ovum are the fishes of the waters or the life force of the waters that combine in order to create this new life.

This truth is protected by the ‘Arcanum’ (Arc/k) and arcanum means hidden/secret knowledge known as ‘Arcane Knowledge’.

Arcanum (arcane) is something hidden, a secret known only to those specifically informed. It is an esoteric knowledge not for the general population.

It rained for 40 days and 40 nights, the number 40 is the number with the power to transform you to a spiritual state and this aspect of the story derives from the Hebrew Mikvah bath, the recreation of the ‘Womb Experience’ which requires 40 units of natural water, such as rain, called ‘Seah’ to fill it.

There were 8 people upon the ark which derives from the 8 star tetrahedron which makes one 64 tetrahedron grid which is the development of the fetus.

The bible states that Noah was told to “Make thee a Tebah [container] from the sulphurous tree” which is telling us of ‘The Burning Bush’ which is simply Knowledge – also relevant to the Mosses story.

This is our Pineal glands activated by kundalini energy which is the energy of fire. In Alchemy Sulphur = Soul.

We are all born with Sin, which is really Shin, the Hebrew element of fire, which is the spark of creation (Dr Spock’s Vulcan hand gesture is the symbol of Shin).

Within us we have 4 DNA Nucleotides that live as base pairs, in other words they live 2 by 2, this is what is being referenced in the animals entering the ark 2 by 2, it is genetics inside the ark, which is the body, which is the container that keeps secret this knowledge and protects the newly created child.

In a nutshell that is the esoteric story of Noah, it is telling us about SELF and was never a physical story to be believed, although this is what was intended, blind belief at the public levels of religions.

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