A number of years ago I went through what I called my ‘New Age Stage’ as a result of having so many unexplained other worldly things happening to me.

I realised that I needed to go through this stage but that it was just another trap as were the religions of the world.

Claims of Reiki Mastery and inflated ego’s over who was the best healer, but none of them actually EVER healed anyone of anything. The pinnacle point missed, that being you can only heal someone who wants to be healed and wants to help themselves, not someone who wants to pass the buck to another, it is not possible to do that way.

I now spend many hours and months and even years deciphering codes, especially within the likes of the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge, the Bible and many other cultures and have solved their mysteries.

But another mystery that was prominent within the New Age arena was the lost city of Atlantis. In the same vain I have now also discovered the hidden secret messages that Plato really meant in his creation of this fabled city and again in the same vain I have discovered that he was really referring to self, as were all of the other famous cultures of the ancient world.

These cultures concealed these messages within their monuments and literal texts to be discovered by selected humans.

So onto Atlantis. Atlantis means ‘Island of Atlas’ and Atlas was a Titan of Mythology.

In Sanskrit, “Atl” means “to support or uphold” as Atlas was said to hold the world on his shoulders. In the Nahuatl language we find immediately the radical ‘a’, ‘atl’, which signifies water, war, and the top of the head.” Why the top of the head? The word “atl” is found in the names of most of their gods, and one of its meanings is “top of the head.”

It is the idea of 1 island ruling over 7, which refers to the chakra system of the body, as I will explain in a moment.

“The tree sacred to Atlas, its branches, like his arms, supported the heavens. The oak’s association with Atlas implies a primeval tree cult or pillar cult, a memory of it surviving in Kritias, Plato’s Atlantis account, when he described a ceremonial column at the very midpoint of the Temple of Poseidon, itself located at the center of Atlantis. The tree also has Druid connotations as the word Druid means ‘Oak Knowledge’…

The pineal gland (6th chakra, the third-eye) lies at the geometrical center point of the brain. Plato’s account of Atlantis described a “ceremonial column at the very midpoint of the Temple of Poseidon, itself located at the center of Atlantis.” The ceremonial column (Oak Tree, Tree of Life, Staff of Moses etc.) is the human spine with 33 vertebrae.

The actual medical term for the 33rd vertebrae which holds up the skull is “Atlas,” same as the King of Atlantis. In Atlantean mythology, Atlas holds up the world or the heavens and in your body the Atlas vertebrae holds up your head/mind. In Atlantean mythology, Atlas has 7 daughters who spend all their time guarding and dancing around the Tree of Life, In your body you have 7 energy centers (chakras) dancing around your spine, and the spine is the tree of life.

Plato described Atlantis as being shaped like three concentric circles of land separated by concentric circles of water. In other words the shape of a bull’s-eye. Why would the center of a target be called a “bull’s-eye”?

The Atlas vertebra holds up your brain, your “third-eye” is at the center of your brain, and the center of Atlantis is a “bull’s-eye.” In fact, your skull, which Atlas holds up, is shaped just like Atlantis is described. At the center point is your third-eye. The third-eye is separated and surrounded completely by water/fluid. Your third eye comes into contact with your cerebrospinal fluid at its third ventrical.

And lastly around that is the skull. Plato said sacrificial bull’s blood was shed over the exterior of the Temple of Poseidon, which is also consistent with the blood that flows over the exterior of the brain.

“Bulls were associated with divine regents in Sumer, Egypt, Assyria, Minoan Crete, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and Ireland. All of these cultures featured traditions of a great deluge from which their ancestors came with all the accoutrements of a high civilization, including, most importantly, matters of kingship. In each people, their king was ritually identified with a sacred bull, because it was important for a leader to identify with the tremendous strength and aggressiveness epitomized by such an animal.

In pre-Celtic Ireland, the new monarch had to undergo a ceremonial bath of bull’s broth, which he then drank from an Atlantean-like golden cup.

If the Temple of Poseidon (between your “temples”) is your brain then Atlantis’ bull’s-eye is your third-eye/pineal gland which literally “roams free in the courtyard of the temple” because it is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid.

So there you have it, Atlantis is the third eye of the human brain that enables spiritual sight and spiritual consciousness. This is the message of the ancients and includes the Pyramids and alike. Even King Arthur and the Santa Claus legend and even the most famous man in the world, the icon we call Jesus, is really a hidden metaphor for consciousness.

I reveal these many ancient esoteric symbols and meanings in my book ‘The Ancient Code – A Serpent Fire’…

So until the next time,

Best wishes


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