Who Or What Is Moses…

He was found in a basket in the river and grew up in dispute with the Pharaoh of Egypt. He led the Israelite’s out of captivity and across the Sinai desert where he spoke with God on top of the mountain and was given the 10 commandments, the laws of God. He came down the mountain to see the people using Golden calves as idols and he smashed the tablets in rage (where we get the phrase breaking the law).

Well that is the biblical story anyway. And as always it is a cover-up for a much deeper truth. So what is the real meaning of the story?


Moses is really the Illuminated mind and his presence at the top of the mountain at the burning bush is also a metaphor for this fact. The mountain represents a higher state of awareness/mind through third eye visions and the burning bush is symbolic of the Pineal gland being awakened by the energy of fire which is Kundalini serpent energy (which is also relevant later on in the story). It is really indicating a spiritual awakening.

The number 10, as in 10 commandments (commandment means to control/command the mind) is the number of divine balance and represents the divine androgyne, the masculine and feminine union required for spiritual awakening.

Moses parting the red sea is really the bodily process known as Osmosis which is the ‘Separation of the water’ and bodily objects passing through a semipermeable membrane. A membrane controls what goes in and what goes out of the likes of a cell, and this is the closing of the red sea upon the Egyptian army after it had parted for Moses and his people.

Through Osmosis we can achieve higher levels of consciousness as higher levels of consciousness control lower levels.

Now for the exodus. Moses fed the Israelite’s with manna bread which is really talking of Quintessence, the sexual energy of kundalini or known in Hindu alchemy as the spirit of breath, which in Sanskrit is prana (same as Manna).

This is both the breath of life and also the meaning of the Jesus saying “I am the bread of life”. This Quintessence emerges from the primordial state of the trinity (holy trinity) which is the 3 sub-atomic particles that make up the component parts of the atom.

This is also known as Shin in the Kabbalah (Mr Spock Hand symbol) or the 3 essentials in alchemy.

The word Exodus means the way out and this is referring to the freeing of the soul through Magnum Opus, the great work in alchemy. It is the transformation of the body into a luminous being (Moses – illuminated mind). This is also known as the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’.

Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness which is referring in numerology to the number 40 which has the power to lift you to a spiritual state (number 40 is used widely for this reason in other biblical stories too).

The staff of Moses is the spine which is the conduit of information and energy between body and mind.

In the Kabbalah, which is mystical and esoteric Judaism, it is stated that the Children of Israel (meaning the Israelite’s generally) were kept in captivity.

In the Kabbalah the place of captivity is really the region of the body from the kidney’s downwards (Sacral chakra) symbolically the land of Egypt.

The children of Israel were taken out of captivity by Moses by raising the ‘Brazen Serpent’. This is of course spiritual enlightenment from the Kundalini serpent energy that rises out of the lower chakras (Sacral) and transits upwards towards heaven (upper chakras).

The Sacral chakra is the home of sexual energy and this could then lead us onto the story of Jesus, but I will deal with that some other time. But suffice to say it is relevant to the rising of your Kundalini energy. The Israelite’s were said to be the chosen seed which is male Sperm.

Abraham was told by God that the promised seed would come from his own body (sexual reference to semen, the sea of men).

There are of course other important component parts to this story but in essence is it one of the illuminated mind (Moses) that is achieved by the awakening of the brazen serpent, Kundalini which sets fire to the burning bush, the Pineal gland whereby we reach spiritual enlightenment.

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