The World Of Politics Is Planned – A Long Time Ago

For those who go to the ballot box and believe that they are voting for their chosen democratic leader, think again!

Your democratic leader is chosen for you, because a certain leader is the suitable captain of the ship called global politics.

That can often be a numerical compatibility for the Kabbalah, and of course these candidates are members of various secret societies, the nursery from where they will be chosen.

So to explain what I mean here are a few facts in the world of Kabbalistic numerology. The end game of course is the New World Order, the one world system and the independent state of Israel which is the Zionist intention. Zionists are part of every government and influence world events from the inside.

Let’s start with recent American presidential history.

Barrack Hussein Obama (half Jewish) was the 44th President of America. He was sworn in twice, on the second occasion without the presence of a bible. During this second occasion Obama stated “I am” which has a numerical value in gemetria of 44. Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh which means ‘I am that I am’ has the same numerical value as Barrack Hussein Obama.

When Obama came into office it was 8 years short of the Hebrew year 5778 which is the year of final redemption.

Therefore Obama plugged an 8 year bridge before the fulfillment of the ‘Covenant of Abraham’.

When Trump came into office (by complete surprise, alleged surprise that is) he fulfilled a Judaic prophecy that the number 70 was a critical number in Judaism. And how? He signed to acknowledge Jerusalem as the recognized capital of Israel and their embassy was to be moved there. In Judaic circles this righted a 70 year wrong!

In gemetria Donald Trump equals 424 or 212 x 2. 212 means a difficult time for Israel but will lead to the ‘final redemption’. In gemetria 424 also has the numerical equivalent as ‘messiah for the house of David’. 424 is also equivalent to the Hebrew word for ‘Like a snake’.

The Jewish messiah is referred to as ‘The Jew’s Holy Serpent’.

Trump is an ally of Israel (as are most Western governments whose Prime Ministers are members of ‘friends of Israel’).

The world of politics is steered a certain way and when you see events unfolding it is for a deliberate end result and deliberate aim. The people in charge of some of the most powerful nations in the world are chosen for that very political end game.

What makes no sense at all to the average person makes perfect sense when you know the game, and by knowing the game you can immediately recognize the moves being made.

I would suggest reading the rule book!

Best regards

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