Why Is The Whitehouse Called The Whitehouse?

Why The Whitehouse?

The underlying theme for all ancient monuments and monoliths and theologies is consciousness.

During the second dynasty of Egypt, incidentally Egypt is a Greek term, it is really Misr which basically after a series of translations means hymen which means life and matrix. The womb (Holy Grail) is the matrix that we enter when coming into this world.

Back to the second dynasty.  Pharoah Seth Perisben founded the Egyptian Treasury (building that contained valuable items) which was called ‘White House Of Treasury’.  Within the White House of America you have the ‘Oval’ office. Many researchers like David Icke tell you that this is because it relates to the womb, which it does but its meaning is deeper still.

The Oval/Womb is feminine life which takes us to the Vesica Piscis in geometry. Oval derives from Mauve and it also refers to the ‘Mauve Zone’ which is the realm of self wisdom and self understanding. It also relates to the 5 keys of the Mauve Zone which is aligning with and obtaining the ‘Siddhi’ which is self-willed manifestation known as the degree of the master Mason. Bearing in mind that Masons built Washington DC.

Siddhi is spiritual perfection.  The Dome at Washington DC is again believed to represent the womb, and again it does, but it is deeper than that.

Dome is the raqiya which is the creation account (firmament of the bible), the expanse, supporting the waters of heaven, the Shamayim. This firmament divides the heavens and allows us to see certain star formations.  The Obelisk at Washington DC (and around the world) is of course the phallus of Osiris (Masons believe that their founder Hiram Abiff was Osiris incarnate, hence why they use the Obelisk). But it is deeper than that.

Obelisk is matstebah which is a pillar/column/memorial stone, which comes from another word natsab which means to take a stand/stand upright (truth) and erect means stand upright hence the erect phallus. It is male fertility and generative power and the penis/sperm is where we really find the true identity of Jesus Christ, or his Roman counterpart Bacchus, the god of wine and fertility whose monogram is IHS, later to become IES = Iesus = Jesus  (I will deal with that another time). Roman orgies were called Bacchanalian festivals. The meek (wine/higher consciousness) will inherit the earth = eret = land = promised land = Christ consciousness.

The Obelisk is the signifier of lack meaning that we lack something within our being, in Egyptian mythology Osiris was cut up into 14 pieces (14 = salvation & deliverance) and the only part missing was his phallus, hence the Obelisk. Phallus = Bhel = to inflate/swell = boli = bull/bulluc/bullock.  This phallus is the desire to fill what we lack, we seek to fill a lack.  The ancients embodied the nous within the phallus and nous is the essence of everything.  Drinking semen is the real Holy Communion, again this is for another time.

Sacred sex is the basis of all that humanity blindly worships…




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