Forceable Facemasking Is Illegal (UK)

My letter/complaint to the House of Commons Parliamentary Standards Committee…today (15/07/20) against the Prime Minister Boris Johnson & The Health Secretary Matt Hancock…

Dear Sir/Madam

The government cannot make new laws without parliamentary approval which then goes to the House of Lords for their approval before it comes into statute as a law, after Royal ascent.

Parliamentary Laws dictates a ‘Majority Rule’ but only after the minority has been heard…

“A society in which government can confine most of the population without controversy is not one in which civilised people would want to live” – Lord Sumpton (Justice of the Supreme Court)

“The government, even in an emergency, should not be in the habit of creating or extending criminal offences by ministerial fiat when parliament is sitting. Something worrying is happening here” – Lawyer David Allen Green…

Facemasks that both the PM and Mr Hancock are stating will be mandatory from 24th July 2020 is not law, and it cannot be law because it did not go through parliament and was therefore not approved as Law by the House of Lords, under due process…and in doing so have breached parliamentary law…

Parliamentarty laws:

Ensure the right of the majority

Protect the rights of the minority

Defend the rights of individual members

Safeguard those people absent from the meeting

Guard all these together…

The government cannot make laws without the approval of parliament and the facemask mandate (mandate is a command and not an enforceable law) was forced through whilst parliament was in sitting and therefore is unlawful…

We have a situation now that is stepping outside of democracy and is well within the remit of a dictatorship, where ministers believe themselves to be able to bypass the democratic process at will.

The police have no powers to enforce this mandate either, although most of them won’t know and won’t even find out…and it is only a matter of time before someone takes them to court and brings the house of cards down.

I personally will not be wearing a facemask.

I wish to make an official complaint against the aforementioned Ministers for breaking parliamentary rules/law by not allowing parliament a voice, which is the voice of the people.

Kind regards

Michael Feeley


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