You Are Just A Bee In A Hive…

From my forthcoming book ‘The Secret Christ’

The bee is the emblem of Egyptian royalty and the Merovingian Illuminati bloodline. And a beehive is a perfectly ordered society.

An ordered arrangement of words is speech or speaking. The feminine noun for speech is davar (thing, nothing, everything) and the masculine noun is devorah. Devorah means bee.

Midvar means wilderness which means speaking and the Israelites (escaping the Egyptians) heard god in the wilderness.

All these things are connected in ways unknown by the average teacher.

Now this is how they, the ruling classes, see you…

The queen bee develops from larvae, which is selected by the worker bees. She is specifically fed royal jelly so that she becomes larger and therefore, can produce and retain a greater number of worker bees during her lifespan for the benefit of the hive.

Now let us understand what a hive in human terms really means, it is a belief system that is taken as absolute by a mass of people, unthinking with only the emotional state operating on what is nothing more than a belief laid out by the workers, enforced by the queen or leader through the workers. We are of course speaking of religions, which is a hive mind operating to the will of the queen, or leader such as a Grand Mufti, the Pope or the ordained and accepted spiritual conduit to their deity.

Freemasonry and all societies operate in this manner, be this a Church, Lodge, Synagogue, Mosque or indeed any Temple one cares to present, in this manner the hive functions well with only one queen bee, many workers and a few drones. A well- functioning beehive is a very busy place, industry being the highest virtue, with the exception of the drones.

Drones are larger than the worker bees, however, they do absolutely nothing to promote the welfare of the hive (Those on state benefit). They do not gather nectar, make honey, or make beeswax. They do not cap off each cell of honey that has been stored nor do they fan the cell to dry the beeswax. They also do not perform any housekeeping tasks toward the common good of their fraternity nor do they educate the younger bees in how to perform their work.

Today, if we position the symbolism of the beehive as an overlay on the social systems of nations under corporatism, we see it has created an expanding underclass that acts in the manner of a drone, they neither nourish or teach their offspring handing them over to corporate education and the corporate entertainment and media operations, which together pump out the hive mind program of how to live, eat, think, who to hate, who to love (celebrity) and perhaps most important of all, who and what to see as the authority.

The format on which a beehive operates is very simple, it has the queen, chosen by the workers, who will diligently take care of all the needs of the queen, and we have the drones, who appear to be pretty useless to the value of the hive. Did you note the use of the term ‘Value’, which in Biblical terms equates to mammon, which today presents itself as your human title, your value to the hive. Mr is perhaps the closets value to that of a drone, but of course as a Mr, Miss or Mrs you can become a worker and thus gain the class of worker which shifts you out of the label of drone, because you now have a value to the hive/mind.

The drones then, do not worry about having enough honey in storage to take the fraternity through the winter, because of course the workers feed the drones (social security benefits), if it was not so then the drones would die. The only reason the drones are kept within the hive is to ensure and to promote reproduction within the hive.

If too many drones have been produced by the queen bee, their excess numbers drag down the abilities of the entire hive because each working member has to care and feed the non- working members of their fraternity, without receiving anything of value in return. This is Mammon. ***Those on benefit/disabled/pensioners et al bring down the economy***

The Masons understand they must elect the strongest of the brethren to become their queen, the Lodge Grand-master, a failure in this regard will lead to a failure of the Lodge, as such, they must help the queen reproduce acceptable offspring, acceptable to the Masons, or the hive will die.

Freethinkers disrupt the harmony of ignorance and the leader then turns the hive against them (as with freethinkers amongst humanity with conspiracy theorist labels) because they don’t conform to the hive mind.

Religion, sports teams et al keep the masses in a hive mind.

Everyone just thinks of their role within the hive and nothing else, everyone knowing what they need to know to function and nothing more. Those who contribute to the hive, the workers (Mr, Mrs, Miss) keep the drones (elderly, pensioners, disabled, those on state benefits) who in this system contribute nothing to the hive. Now that technology is replacing the workers they too can be culled along with the drones and this is why we have poisons in food and water and air and viruses which are chemical warfare on humanity. This is known as depopulation.

But knights and dames et al are not untitled workers or drones, they are of higher status within the hive. Royalty and royal children also fit into this category.

I hope that this has put into some prospective how the world works and why things happen the way that they do.

You are a bee and the world is the structured hive where everyone operates (with the exception of a minority) under the unquestioned rule of the leader.

It is time to start thinking!


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