A Cloak Of Invisibility…

Invisibility cloaking is a metamaterial cloaking and metamaterial is the manipulation of the path of traversed light controlling transmission of parts of the light spectrum rendering an object seemingly invisible.

It is the negative refraction index, reversed refraction (change in direction) of light and the bending of light.

When you bend light you can make an object invisible at this level of perception and this also deals with the branch of science and physics known as relativity.

What we see with the physical eyes is reflected light and when that is manipulated then what we can see is also manipulated.

UFO’s can turn at a sharp 90 degrees and disappear into other dimensional levels at this geometric angle which is the same when we transcend from one reality to another, we shift at 90 degree angles.

90 degrees is the cross within the circle, Christ and the Church, Church = circe = circle and the circle represents the body, hence why it is said that the body of Christ is the Church. The circle is divided into 90 degree separation angles, until we get 360 which is 3+6+0=9, completed man.

The waveform for a shift in consciousness takes a 90 degree turn, upwards.

I end it there for now!

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