The Tribe Of Judah – A Metaphor For Secret Knowledge…

Ancient Egypt is the epicenter of knowledge and many cultures took this knowledge away to their own lands to be used for various means.¬† The ancient Egyptian knowledge was well guarded and even the likes of Plato was denied access to it by the Egyptian Priests, but through persistence he was eventually taught and allowed access to the sacred way.¬† The Kabbalah was no different, Kabbalah meaning ‘Received Tradition’. The Kabbalah is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought of Judaism.¬† The Cabals (Kabbalah) ¬† also took Egyptian knowledge with them to be used as part of their own belief systems.

The initiates of the Mystery schools of Egypt were, amongst other names,¬† called ‘The Lions’ and the most high of the 12 Tribes of Israel is the Tribe of Judah.¬† The 12 tribes of Israel correspond to the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the tribe of Judah is Leo, the most high of zodiac signs.¬† Number 12 is the number of completeness.

Judah means Lion Cub and the tribe of Judah is the Royal Tribe of Israel.

Members of the tribe of Judah are the children of Judah, the self-realized masters and Christified ones, Christified is a Christ Conscious state, a higher state, of awareness.¬† Judah joins the most high name through the Hebrew word (and letter) for Daleth which means ‘Doorway’ and is the first letter of the Hebrew word ‘Daath’ which means knowledge, in other words the tribe of Judah is metaphorically referring to secret teachings and the ‘Doorway to Knowledge’.

In fact the word Jew derives from Yehudi which means ‘From the tribe of Judah’.

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II is a descendant of King David of the tribe of Judah and we can see that the Royal crest features a Lion, which is the symbol of Royalty.¬† This is why every Monarch is coronated upon the ‘Coronation Stone’ which is really ‘Jacobs Pillar’.¬† Jacob was told by God, according to their version of history, that his seed would rule the world as Kings and Queens until the return of the promised land, which is Israel (hence the Zionist New World Order).

The concept of Royalty also originates in ancient Egypt.

The world is run by a secret language, namely codes and metaphors and concealed sacred knowledge has been deliberately kept from the masses by the chosen, who call themselves the elites, which means Gods chosen ones, for reasons of personal advantage and control. They are the modern day version of the ancient priests of the mystery schools of Egypt.

I am of the opinion that knowledge belongs to everyone and I have spent many years decoding it. As a result the Illuminati¬† have attempted to recruit me several times, but I have declined…

I will tell you what they know…

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