All Is Number

“All is Number” – Pythagoras. When we look at the make-up of our universe we see that this is correct. From the gas giant spirals of Galaxies to small shells on the beach everything in existence follows a mathematical code to the last number and it doesn’t deviate, not even the human foetus as it grows to the 64 Tetrahedron grid in sequencies of 8, the Genesis pattern. The physical finite world is governed by finite fractals and the infinite universe is governed by infinite fractals (Duplification). One of the most remarkable mathematical codes is the Mandelbrot set, a complex series of numbers that will not deviate and can only be replicated by computer, a complex series that is self-replicating according to some predetermined rule. Creating a finite mathematical equasion of ZN (The set of complex numbers C for which the iteration zn+1 = zn2 + C produces finite zn for all n when started at z0 = 0 – duplicating forever in the non physical world) some say the abstract concept within the mind of a Pure Mathematician = The Creator! all creation being a flash of instantaneous energy,(thought into physical creation, all programs must have a programmer) known scientifically as the ‘One Time Beginning’ to the general population as the ‘Big Bang Theory’ proven by the COBE Experiment (Cosmic Background Explorer, a satelite sent to the extremities of space between 1989-1993)…We are all number! Mathematics = Mathema = Knowledge…

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