I Want To Know

It was always a passion of mine to know the truth, even from a very young age i was very much different in that respect. Why do people believe what they believe, where does it come from and who is behind it? When I visited buildings of mystique I knew that in its Architecture was the answers, it contained a hidden language that only certain initiates could see, I soon began to read their script and I soon began to decipher their ancient language. There is a group of Aristocracy, for want of a better word, on this planet, that have kept secrets and knowledge away from the rest of us for thousands of years, never wanting us to know what they know. They understand that if people were to ever realise their true potential then reliance upon an outside source would be unnecessary and that nullifies any need for Governments and banks and any other system of control and rule. We have been duped into outside beliefs, such as false icons of rescue in the form of religious figures et al. We don’t need them and when we know this then we have a good gage of our own personal development stage, all we ever need is within us, that is the secret that has been kept from us! We are our own Salvation, WE! Ourselves! This Knowledge is our rightful inheritance… www.michael-feeley.com

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