Police Insignia – The Hidden Meanings

Police insignia has many hidden symbols and meanings not known to the public or even the police themselves, and i can state that from experience. But let’s take just one example the police helmet badge, the 7 pointed star, the Heptagram. So what does it really mean? The Heptagram is the symbol of the Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה ‎‎, meaning “receiving/tradition”) it is the Seal of Babylon, the Binah which means Understanding (bare in mind the police caution which asks at the end “Do you understand” in other words do you stand under?) The Binah is part of the Sephirot, the Hebrew Tree of Life and stands below the Keter meaning Crown.

Look at the police badge here on this post and you will see that the Binah is below the Keter (Crown) on the badge itself! a representation of the Sephirot (not to mention the Masonic symbology too) The world is powered by the fuel we call ignorance and that is perfect for those who control us! All is not what it seems. The 7 points also represent the 7 chakras and the 7 visible planets of the solar system which then takes us to the origins of Religions, astrotheology, with the planet Saturn pinnacle in Judaism. Saturn is also the God of law and is associated with the colour black, hence why the police wear black uniforms. The words Judge, jury etc derive from Judah (as in the tribe of judah)Much of our world originates from Judaism. Take a little time to look into all things and prepare yourself for a much wider reality.


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