Bible Stories – For The Mind Of A Child…

Did Noah really spend 120 years of his life building a wooden ark for two of every animal to escape the great flood, penguins waddling from Antarctica to the Middle East trying to get there in time, thankfully making it?

Did Moses really walk in the wilderness for 40 years with potentially thousands if not millions of people, parting the waves of the red-sea in the process to aid their escape?

Did Jonah really spend 3 days in the belly of the whale, swimming in the potent stomach acids of the leviathan?

Was Jesus really born of a virgin birth to become the most famous character to supposedly walk the Earth, eventually dying on the cross for the sins of the world?

Was Mary Magdalene really his wife that continued the San-graal, the holy bloodline of Christ and the first witness to his resurrection out of the tomb?

Were there really 10 plagues of Egypt, the walls of Jerico, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Jacob’s ladder, Cain and Abel and many other famous stories and characters?

To the thinking mind, no of course not, they are little more than stories reminiscent of the imagination of the children’s author intent on capturing the imagination of his juvenile audience.

People can only ever see things from their own level of perception, they can only ever see and understand that which they are in tune with and cannot go beyond that limitation until their perception expands.

As Confucius once stated “Signs and Symbols rule the world, not words nor laws”…

The biblical stories are coded knowledge that only those who vibrate at the same resonance as the sacred information can see. There is deep and meaningful knowledge of self written within the scriptures but it is lost on all but those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear…

Biblical characters are simply metaphors for a much deeper essence and a much deeper knowledge. These characters were never real people, they did not exist as individual entities.

A bar has been set between the Gnostic truth and the public levels of mistruth which form religion. Those taken in by the superficial stories will remain lost in the net whilst those who see beyond the shallowest of levels will negotiate the net and by net I mean the master initiate…hence why Christ and the disciples caught 153 fish, 153 is the number of sacred knowledge and the ‘Master Initiate’.

Read the codes and you will see the real meaning of everything, you will not find that meaning by believing the cover-up narratives given as a false truth!

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