Humans Are Slaves….

History tells us that William Wilberforce (24 August 1759 – 29 July 1833 ) was an English politician, philanthropist, and a leader of the movement to stop the slave trade.

But despite this historical rhetoric slavery was never abolished, the metal chains have simply been replaced by debt and purely by design, exactly as contrived.

As strawman humans, and by that I mean that there is a flesh and blood entity and also a fictional entity, in effect two of us, that means we are owned, we are human chattel (cattle).

There are hidden clues to our slavery to a world of commerce that owns us from the day we are born, with the purchasing of our birth certificate by the national banks, until we become a corpse, a dead corporation.

We are all part of a family but this derives from Familae which means a household of servants. We all have a surname which derives from slave name. And we all have a signature which derives from signare meaning ‘Mark of a sheep’ in Latin.

The people of the world are enshrouded by ignorance of this and that is their downfall. Much to the delight of those who wish to keep us in slavery people have little clue as to their predicament.

Cattle is what we have become and cattle is branded to display and identify their owner. In the same vain people, as part of the materialistic lust to fit in with other slaves, choose to buy and walk around in designer clothes.

Designer clothes are ‘BRANDED’ and the corporate owners wish to have as many sheep in their flock as they can by getting as many people as possible to be branded by them…These fashion seekers are branded cattle…branded clothes are their corporate mark…

There is what is known as ‘Probability waves’ which means we have a choice. We can continue to be slaves or we can choose to stand up and put a stop to our slavery!

The choice is ours

Best regards

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