Cathedral Geometry – A Sacred Science…

Sacred geometry was taught under the veil of secrecy by the likes of Greek Philosopher Plato. It was originally taught by early Christianity through the Gnostics but was later ceased under the crime of heresy.

Churches and Cathedrals have within their blueprints and plans sacred geometry but it is hidden to all but the trained eye.

I visited Lichfield Cathedral today, I was intending to film a short video about the esoteric language within its walls, but it was crowded and I have decided to write an article instead.

It is all about consciousness and the language of concealment is for the benefit of the initiates to translate its meaning, not the masses who go there to worship. The parishioners get fed the fictitious story-line at the end of a carefully constructed hook.

Cathedral derives from Cathedra which means Seat, a Cathedral is the seat of power of the Bishop and Bishop means ‘Watcher’.

The word Tika as in Vatican/Vatika means third eye. This is why the Mayans placed a pyramid in Tikal and at the Vatican city you can see numerous Pine-cone statues (pineal derives from Pine-cone). Tikal also means third eye.

Watcher means ‘Awake or He Who Is Awake’. The seat of human consciousness is the Pineal gland known as the seat of the soul and the Pituitary gland known as the seat of the mind.

Lichfield Cathedral is connected to the Great Pyramid in Egypt by virtue of the fact that both mark the positions of the endocrine system of the human brain, endocrine means secretion within (it is a great secret within)…and refers to the 3 master glands of the third eye system of spiritual sight, the thalamus, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.

Within Lichfield Cathedral you have the throat chakra as the Nave (aisle) the crown chakra where the Alter is situated, the thalamus is in the exact center of the cathedral itself and the Pituitary and Pineal glands are marked by 2 pillars that are at a 45 degree angle from each other.

The number 45 is relevant as to add all of the numbers from 1-9 in either an increasing or decreasing way gives us 45, 4+5=9 and 9 is the number of Divine completedness and spiritual enlightenment’

Jesus was the Lion of Judah and Judah connects to the most high name (In Judaism) by Daleth (Door) and Daath (Knowledge) therefore Christ, our own Christ consciousness within, is the doorway to knowledge. Biblical characters are metaphors only and not real people.

As I walked around the Cathedral there were tombs containing concrete effigies of ancient Priests. One of which was standing on a dragon. This was symbolic of the ‘Christ Force’ which is the Dragon Rider, or in the symbolic case of Jesus being a carpenter, the Nanger, which means the serpent of wisdom.

I saw another such effigy where a Lion was at the base of the foot of another priest which indicates a ‘Master Initiate’…The Priests of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt were known as ‘Lions’…which could then lead us onto the Sphinx, but that is for another time.

I love speaking the silent language of the initiates, it speaks loud to me, and I enjoy knowing what they know, with a knowing smile I acknowledge their sacred knowledge.

Best regards

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