Saturn (Satan) & The Vatican…

Rome, a magnificent city named after Romulus but formerly known as Saturnalia after the planet Saturn, or for movie fans Darth Vader (Dark Father) or the Lord of the Rings.

The colour associated with Saturn is Black and is part of the reason that we wear Black at funerals as Saturn is also Cronos in Greek who is the grim reaper, father time.

The word Satan derives from Saturn and Satan simply means adversary or opposer and it is the opposer of light, the Sun, and again for movie fans this is Luke Skywalker. Luke means light and the Sun walks the sky in 12 steps (12 hours of the day), it is a skywalker.

The death-star of star wars is Mimas, one of the Moons of Saturn.

It is the battle of light and dark. This goes deep into religion too with the Vatican Church who are part of the Saturnalian brotherhoods and wear Black robes. Black and Red robes indicate the spiritual transition into the occult and white robes mean Candidatas (as in candidate).

The Black Pope, who is the superior general of the Jesuit order controls the public Pope.

The world is said to be ruled by the Devil but the word Devil derives from Dark-Evil and goes back to ancient Egypt with the serpent of darkness Apophis.

In London this is shown by the river Thames which derives from Tamas meaning dark river and it runs passed Hyde park which is named after Hydra, another name for Apophis, both being a serpent of darkness.

The dark-evil is really referring to ignorance and falsity therefore the world is encircled by ignorance and falsity.

This can clearly be seen in the likes of biblical stories and characters which are metaphorically hiding a deeper truth, replacing this truth with fiction so that people are forever following a red-herring. Biblical characters did not exist and the higher ranks of the Church know that all too well.

“It has served us well, this myth of Christ” – Pope Leo X –

“Jesus is Metaphorical, not literal” – Pope Francis (stated in 2017)…

Those who know these truths are often referred to as the ‘Illuminati’ indicating that they are the ‘Enlightened Ones’.

Hell is not a real place it is your root chakra (lowest chakra) that houses the fire energy of Kundalini until spiritually awakened, this is the fire of Hell, your lower desires that are opposing your own inner Christ.

The word Vatican derives from Vatika which means third eye, your spiritual sight and this is why there are numerous pine-cone statues at the Vatican city in Rome.

Pine-cone is where we get the word Pineal as in the Pineal gland, the master gland of the 7 chakra system of consciousness.

It is Jesus and the 7 unclean spirits that have to be first cleansed before your inner Christ consciousness can rise through your 7 unblocked chakras.

This is the 666 beast spoken about in the Bible, this is really man as the adversary of his own Christ consciousness and its rising to ascension. Man is the anti-Christ, he is anti his own Christ by not allowing the ascension of his own inner Christ consciousness.

The church rules by fear or reward and far too many people have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker!

You are your own temple and you are your own vessel to a higher place, the church and religion is a deliberately created capped-ceiling to block your way…

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