What Are The Miracles Of Christ?

I have stated numerous times in various places that Christ, or even any of the biblical characters for that matter, were not real people.   That they are really metaphors for ourselves, a grand red-herring to take us away from our inner magnificence in exchange for outer false iconic worship.

A grand plan of the ancient priests and alike who wanted to hide the truth from the masses and therefore devised a system of deception, so that only the chosen would know the sacred and now secret knowledge.

Metaphors would be a new way of hiding truth and a way that initiates could interpret wisdom in a clandestine manner, beyond the perception of most people.

With this being the case, with Jesus not really existing as an individual man, what of his biblical miracles?

They too are metaphors and I am now going to highlight just a few of the most famous miracles stated in the bible.

After Jesus had allegedly resurrected he saw that his disciples could not catch any fish.  He helped them and as a result they caught exactly 153 fish.  What does this mean?

The number 153 is the number of the master initiate and the number of the master of the net and also the number of sacred knowledge.¬†¬† The net is the geometric flower of life pattern (fisherman’s net) that only the initiates can navigate and is the sacred pattern of creation.¬† This number is also highly significant in the Great Pyramid of Egypt too and contains many pyramidal secrets, but that is for another time.

The Inner ratio of the Vesica Piscis is 153 and when we add the numbers 1+5+3=9 and 9 is the number of divine completedness and spiritual enlightenment.  This internal section of the Vesica Piscis is called the Mandorla which means almond and that connects us to Mary Magdalene, who is the amygdala within the human brain which is almond shaped.   When we translate the name Mary Magdalene into Greek it equals 153.  Mary Magdalene was known as the Illuminator and that relates to these sacred numbers of enlightenment.

The Vesica piscis is known as the Jesus fish and with this Jesus and Mary Magdalene connection it gives us the Christosophia the ‘Wisdom of Christ’ as a Holy Union.

This is the Christ and Magdalene as the geometric union.

The Vesica Piscis is also the ‘Yoni’ the Holy passage (female gentilia) which leads us onto the Holy Grail, but again I will deal with that another time.

Now to the miracle of walking on water.  One of the biggest secrets kept from the global population is their own potential and their own higher consciousness that is awaiting activation in all of us.  Biblical stories are telling us this but as already stated it is hidden behind fictional stories.

Jesus supposedly walked on water in Galilee and these place names are chosen for specific reason. Galilee derives from the female noun Gulgoleth which means head/skull.  This is of course also Golgotha, the place of skulls which is where the human mind (house of God) is located, within the human skull.

We also have the masculine noun for Galilee which is Gilgal which means wheel, the wheel/chariot is the merkabah  and the vehicle to higher consciousness (Gilgal = Google in modern computer terms).

Water represents collective unconsciousness and to walk above water represents a higher consciousness.

Jesus Cures the Blind:

This again is metaphorical as the spiritual meaning of blindness is ignorance of truth and falsity. With our own Christ consciousness awareness activation we cure our blindness and we are able to see with spiritual sight.  Our own Christ can cure our own blindness.

Turning Water Into Wine:

The vineyard is symbolic of higher consciousness and water is the transmitter of information. When we ingest water it gets used by our body and is absorbed into our blood.  We are therefore turning water into wine (Red wine = symbolic of  blood).

There are of course other miracles too such as feeding the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes which is really astronomy and involves Virgo (house of bread) and Pisces (2 fish) and the 12 baskets that the fish and bread was placed into (12 signs of the Zodiac wheel).  It was not a real event.

But I hope that by now you can see that all is a metaphor for your own greatness and potential which is being deliberately concealed fro you…

YOU ARE JESUS CHRIST, and so is everyone who has ever lived, is living now or ever will live…


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