Number 22…Ariana Grande

In a week where I have been bombarded with number sequence messages in the form of the number 22 it seems fitting to write about it and some of its esoteric meanings.

This power number is an important number to the likes of Freemasons and Gnostic’s as it is the number of the ‘Sons of Light’  which derives from the 22 bones of the human skull which is where we get the light to become enlightened. The human skull is also Golgotha, the place of skulls involving Christ which is also just a metaphor.   It is also the deeper meaning of the Skull & Crossbones logo of the secret society of the same name, with the addition of number 3 which in the Hebrew Kabbalah is the Binah meaning understanding, another reference to consciousness.

22 is also the symbol of the original Christian cross the Tau cross which means the end or the furthest development in the material realm.

Not only does this number mean enlightenment it is also used by certain secret groups as a hidden fingerprint at the scene of various events. For example the 2017 concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester where the bomb of a suicide bomber exploded killing 22 people!

So let’s see how this number contributed to this tragic event in addition to 22 fatalities.

The explosion occurred on 22nd May after the last song, song 22 had been played in a playlist set containing 22 songs.  This song  was number 1 in the charts for 22 weeks.  The suicide bomber, Salman Abedi was 22 years of age.

The bomb exploded at 22.30, even that contains the number 22.

After the event people were getting memorial tattoos in commemoration to the victims. The tattoo was a ‘Bee’ but the bee is a symbol of Egyptian Royalty and later adopted by the Merovingian Illuminati bloodline family. Its meaning is Wisdom and Insight due to its magical hexagonal honeycomb which has a geometric arrangement in a centered hexagonal pattern. Each row in all three directions sum to the same magic constant. This is also known as a ‘Magic Square’.

The world is not what you think and certain numbers are important to these esoteric groups as they are believed to encompass maximum energy to enhance the chosen event.

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