Disney, The Real Reason

With the re-emergence of Disney and a set of animated films such as the Little Mermaid, Frozen and many others which are again hitting the minds of Children and adults alike just who was Walt Disney and what were his motives? It is quite clear that Disney films have many subliminal messages of sex and low moral standards which speak to our sub-conscious mind. For many people who are familiar with Bloodline ruling families you will know that there are apparently 13 of them. But from those 13 families there are also other families who are interconnected and the Disney line is one of them (Merovingian) The Disney family (originally D’Insigny) came to the UK with William the Conquerer with the Norman invasion of England. Walt was a 33 degree Mason, 33 is the number associated with Mastery and he was used to steal the child within adults and the child within the child. Hollywood generally has this role, the Druids of ancient Britain used the wood from the Holly-tree to make their magic wands, this is the magic of Hollywood. Druid means Oak/Tree knowledge and tree derives from true..therefore True-Knowledge!

The Druids came from Egypt where they were the djedhi. Let’s all return to truth, let’s initiate the ‘Return of the Djedhi’…www,michael-feeley.com

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