Egyptian Symbology In Company Logo’s…

Ancient Egypt and its hidden symbols are pinnacle in modern day society, epsecially in the UK and USA.

The British Parliament, the British flags, the Union Jack and the Flag of St George, the river Thames to the American White House, Declaration of Independence, Oval Office, Washington DC Obelisks,US Currency and even the good old ‘Hotdog’ all stem from Egypt!

But Egypt is also hidden within many company logo’s such as ‘Mini’, there are of course a multitude of others I could have chosen.

The Mini logo is hiding a secret about our inner consciousness, as are the likes of Stonehenge, the Bible and the Pyramids of Egypt themselves.

So let’s analyse the hidden meaning of this particular logo. The wings are the 2 lateral hemipsheres of the ‘Cerebellum’ within the human Brain and Cerebellum means ‘Little Brain’ (Little = Mini).

The Black circle at the centre is the Aten, which is the Egyptian version of the Hindu ‘Bindi’ which marks the position of the Third eye (Pineal Gland) upon a forehead!

Ancient cultures were telling us of our ‘Inner Sun’ the ‘Amun Ra’ which is our consciousness awakening and transition from this world to the next.

It is a coded message left for us to decipher and then transcend to greater heights as a race of beings!

I have found that code and I have joined many dots…I have been given the secrets and I have learned the language of the ancients…

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