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In the week my Radio show with Whitley Streiber, the subject of the 1980’s hit book and film ‘Communion’ was broadcast and is receiving great reviews, here’s some of them:

“This is really very interesting. My brother will love this book… as it addresses many questions and ideas he has had. Thank you”

“Great interpretation of religious texts copied from the mystery school symbolism without knowledge of the inner meaning. The scholars who copied older texts for the Bible were not initiates of the mystery schools and had no idea of the symbolic meanings they borrowed from older traditions. I interpret the oldest pyramid complex in North America at Teotihuacan as a diagram of the brain (body), life soul and immortal soul confluence in the human species”

“I was captivated from start to finish”

“Wow! Extremely interesting”!

“This show was breathtaking. My mind has been reeling with clarity since Saturday morning when I tuned in while taking breakfast”

“As a fellow Brit I enjoyed Michael’s descriptions of the opening of the veil. I’ll listen to this show several times and absorb every drop of insight. Peace”

“Whitley, every once in a while you get a guest who not only has interesting things to say, but has a way of also putting some of us in an altered state, in a good way…Please have Michael on again! Thanks”!

Here’s the whole show


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