Skull & Crossbones – Meaning of the Secret Society…

The world is run by secret societies who forge and steer global politics through the various think tanks and by infiltration.

The backwards injustice that we see and face each day is designed that way and when you know this it then for the first time begins to make some sense.

Symbols were an ancient means of communication and the ruling elites, elite meaning ‘Gods chosen ones’ which they believe themselves to be, use them to good effect.

These ruling elites believe that Prometheus stole the fire of the gods, fire being knowledge and wisdom, and gave it to the rulers of Earth. Therefore based on this belief they think themselves of greater wisdom and knowledge than the general populous.

To them knowledge is a privilege for the chosen and not for the general population. Knowledge has become the hidden secret that they keep from us by various means such as the public levels of religion.

One such example of their hidden symbols is the Skull & Crossbones of the secret society of the same name. On the face of it you see the symbol of poison and Pirates and see it as a bad omen.

But it has a much deeper meaning and it relates to consciousness. It is telling us this is an esoteric way.

The human skull has 22 bones and the number 22 refers to the ‘Sons of Light’ and light is consciousness. The skull is where we get the light to become enlightened. It is also Golgotha, the place of skulls, which then leads us onto Christ which is also just a metaphor for consciousness within. 22 is also the symbol of the Tau cross, the original Christian cross that marks the end of a spiritual cycle and the furthest development in the physical world.

The skull is also the walls of Jerico, the cave of Brahma and the abode of Allah, all religions are branches of the same tree created by the same secret fraternities as a means of deception.

In Hebrew the number 22 is the Yachad which means ‘Unite’, the unification of self.

The word light is used 22 times in the bible and on the 22nd occasion the passage says ” I have come as light into the world”.

The cross bones symbolize the Optic Chiasm which means ‘Chamber of light’ and it is also the symbol of Osiris. The Greeks called this the Cross and it is the cross that our inner Christ is crucified upon before going to the Cerebellum (Tomb) for 3 days.

The cerebellum deals with equilibrium which is the inner balance essential to awakened consciousness.

The numbers 322 again refers to 22, being the Sons of Light and the 3 refers to the Kabbalah and the Binah which means ‘Understanding’ which again refers to consciousness and awareness…

It goes a little deeper as always but in essence we are being told in a symbolic way that these secret brotherhoods hold onto a secret and sacred knowledge that we the people are distracted away from by false icons and false teachings.

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