My New E-book ‘The Real Identity Of Christ – Secrets Of The Codex Vaticanus’… Free For A Limited Time

From 8pm on Saturday 30th June (GMT) until Wednesday 4th July you can get my new e-book ‘The Real Identity Of Christ – Secrets Of The Codex Vaticanus’ FREE from Amazon….here are the links….



“There is an historical figure, an iconic image of love and sanctity, instantly recognizable, who is worshiped throughout the world as a central figure of belief and hope, a figure that died so that we might live forever and was resurrected to return to his father in heaven.

A figure that many believe will one day return as part of a ‘Second Coming’ and ‘Rapture’ of Christ. He walked the Middle East gathering loyal followers who sought his guidance, he cured the blind, healed the sick, turned water into wine and walked upon the water of Earth’s liquids, all part of the miracles of Christ. He utilized his inner circle of 12 disciples and they became his voice, spreading his words throughout the lands of ancient times that even today still echo and resonate within temple walls, recited as gospel truth with very little questioning of the official narrative.

Jesus was a saviour and a sacred diplomat that many say was the husband of Mary Magdalene, whose name shall live on forever. But who was this iconic figure really and could it be the case that he was in fact simply a metaphor and an allegory created by the ecclesiastical brotherhoods and priesthoods of hidden power who wanted to keep from the world a sacred secret that if known could bring down their walls of influence and control?

Could it be the case that he never really existed as an individual man and that his life and times are really referring to something else”?

I hope that you enjoy it…


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