The Police – Yes It’s Come To This

“’I do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable” An oath of attestation all officers take on the stand in front of proud partners and family members. Unbeknown to them, and me, that part of your duty was to collect debts for business, execute Bench (Banco – Bank) warrants, manipulate crime figures by re-naming certain offences as something different (Non KPI crimes, KPI = Key Performance Indicators), manipulate response to incident times, chase targets and quoters as teams were entered into competitions between each other to break co-operation and teamwork, a divide and conquer tactic, tolerate red-tape and bureaucracy with one hand tied behind your back and watch in despair as you are instructed by senior officers to stop decent members of society and then fabricate and record the encounter as a stop & search to reflect well on the figures! A police state is here, civilians with police powers, PCSO’s driving marked police vehicles, Civilian Traffic enforcement officers conducting road checks at stop points and councils operating Drones at family events, the eye in the sky of Surveillance, welcome to corvus (name of police data system), in Mythology the spy of Apollo (Saturn) the God of Law. And soon your Police and Crime Commisioners will be Business men/women deciding whether the crime commited against you is value for money prior to any investigation, a villians charter supported by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service or as we called them the Criminal Protection Service) who only take to court anything they have a high chance of winning despite the victim’s wishes. Welcome to the evaporation of your freedoms, like water in the rain

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