Reality Is Not What You Think It Is – We Are Falsely Taught…


Is it possible to travel backwards in time? Many scientists argue this point and the sub-atomic world has proven that time travel is not only possible but occurs. Photons have been recorded doing just that and doing it knowingly under third party observation.

But what if I was to say that I have traveled back in time 159 years in history? Would you believe that this is possible?

Leading up to the modern day year 2009 I was investigating the murder of a Victorian teenager who through a psychic medium had asked my wife and I to look into her death. That death had occurred on 9th February 1850 (I detail this in my ebook ‘When Murder Travels Through Time).

At approximately 0330am on the morning of 9th February 2009 I was taken back to the scene of the crime, a wooden bedroom and I can remember very specific details of the room itself including a female voice who plainly said ‘He’s here’ referring to her assailant.

Following this event, which I have to say wasn’t without personal trauma, I began to see other things, as if I had been completely opened up to a wider reality.

I began to see countless UFO’s during the day and night, Cigar shapes, disc shapes, teardrop shapes and balls of fire that masked a definitive shape (once photographic evidence was viewed back).

I saw two dimensional gateways opening up, one in the sky, which emanated a craft and one at ground level which was a bright white light amongst dense and dark forestry, so bright I could not look directly into it.

I saw things masquerading as stars and constellations but because I knew that they were not I observed them only to see them move with controlled trajectory as I watched them.

I saw a being not of this world and stood next to him, with definitive affect on my energy field.

I have seen several shadow people in my house and walking passed me within the trees of a park.

I have seen a multitude of others things too, so many in fact that my experiences have taken many books to document.

As humans we see less than 1% of the frequency spectrum and our only visible spectrum is visible light. There is over 99% out there that is normally invisible to us, except for the occasional glimpse.

Reality is not what you think it is…

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