The Real Meaning Of The Christian Cross…

When we see the Pope and other Church leaders do the mark of the cross on their body from the forehead down there is a deeper meaning.

That particular mark is the inverted cross, the cross of Peter…

Many say that it is the symbol of the anti-Christ, and in a round about way that is correct as the anti-Christ is really the opposer of our Inner Christ consciousness, preventing the rising of our own serpentine wisdom due to residing lower desires and lower chakras. In other words man is really the anti-Christ, by stifling the ascent of his own inner consciousness.

The higher members of the Church operate within two levels, the exoteric which is for the uninitiated ignorant masses and the esoteric which is the true meaning hidden behind symbols that only the initiates can see…

What is hidden is the natural union of man and women, the creative force and generative producing principle of nature that spans throughout many biblical stories as an underlying theme.

The story of Noah for instance is really about the creation of the child that enters a new world post flood (mothers waters).

The cross and the circle and the cross generally is really the phallic and the cteis (Yoni/Female genitalia). It is the merging of the male and female sexual organs.

The cteis is a column upon which the phallic rested and it can also be a circular or a concave pedestal to hold the phallic/obelisk.

When you know the true identity of Christ (and I do) this is extremely relevant.

The inverted cross is really the descent into the ninth sphere which is sex and sexual alchemy, sexual sublimation or celibacy, not spilling the semen.

It is the intelligent use of sex to create a powerful primal energy that aids the ascent of consciousness. This is also extremely relevant to the true identity of Christ! (I will write about this another time).

The ninth sphere is the aspirant to realization of self. We must work on the ninth sphere to incarnate our inner Christ.

Kundalini energy, the serpent within us that remains dormant at the base of the spine until activated, activates with work in the ninth sphere. The Christ force is the dragon rider, the serpent of wisdom and Jesus was a carpenter which derives from the Aramaic word ‘Nanger’ which means serpent of wisdom.

So when you hands mimicking the shape of the cross upon the body of the Pope or the priest or the exoteric follower of religion then give some thought to the esoteric meaning, you have to ascend out of the ninth sphere to activate your inner Christ….

This is where you stop being you own anti-Christ and you attain your own inner Christ!

Jesus is not a real person, he is each and every one of us…

Best regards

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