The Modern Day Ancient Initiate…


I stand before the sacred monolithic breastplate of the giant Sphinx that faces the East and protects the sacred knowledge of divinity. I stand with other candidates after much preparation for this initiation into the esoteric world of symbols and codes.

I am asked a riddle by the torchbearer “what walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 3 in the evening? I answer Man and I am allowed into the sacred temple beneath the Sphinx.

I am joined by the few who answered the same question correctly and we are taken down into a soundless passage and into the antechamber and the circular temple which was illuminated by torches facing certain cardinal points. My excitement reacts with the resonance chambers and is amplified by sacred harmonics.

The serpent appears and swallows its own tail, ‘Every End is the Beginning of a New Cycle’.

White gowns of purity are given to us as we near the initiation into sacred universal knowledge that we have been chosen to receive often through bloodline and often through priesthood and the ‘White Brotherhood’.

I am tested and I experience duality in the Zero degree and have become its master as part of the process and i am reborn within the “Womb of the Second Birth”.

I have ascended and have reached a greater height in my symbolical attainment of mystical Light.

I had to endure trials to test my development and worthiness to remain within the sacred walls.

I am now an initiate of the sacred esoteric knowledge of Egypt and I stand within the halls of knowing, knowing the secrets of life and universe itself.

I am a member of the few!

I am now in 2018 and I bring you this sacred gift of knowledge that I bring to the modern era…


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