The Monuments Of The World – A Secret Concealed…

The famous monuments of the world remain after many thousands of years for all eyes to see.

They demonstrate an advanced building technique but more than that they hide an advanced knowledge of self.

Whoever put them there is telling us something about us! But the question of who can only lead to many speculations and everyone reading this will have their own opinions whether that be ET’s from other worlds or advanced human races amongst others.

My personal take is that many races we regard as ET’s where actually here before humans and are the true original inhabitants of this planet, although not all, which would fit in perfectly with the viewpoint that the likes of the Egyptians did not build the pyramids and found them already there.

What these ancient monuments did and where constructed for was a ritualistic changing of brain waves and an altered state of the mind and consciousness. This can be seen with the mathematical number sequences that form the basis of these famous structures, mathematical sequences that hold a consciousness raising frequency. Such as the Golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence and of course PI. (432hz & 528hz)

And in addition to this we have other mathematical frequencies such as 8 hertz…inside the Kings chamber of the Great Pyramid.

These monuments were not built for optical pleasure for tourists many thousands of years in the future, they were built as power stations to enhance consciousness processes for the initiates of the time.

The bible and its characters are also a script (scripture) for this knowledge and are a metaphorical story….

I hold onto their deeper secrets…

Let me tell you more…


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