All Is Number

“All is Number” – Pythagoras. When we look at the make-up of our universe we see that this is correct. From the gas giant spirals of Galaxies to small shells on the beach everything in existence follows a mathematical code to the last number and it doesn’t deviate, not even the human foetus as it grows to the 64 Tetrahedron grid in sequencies of 8, the Genesis pattern. The physical finite world is governed by finite fractals and the infinite universe is governed by infinite fractals (Duplification). One of the most remarkable mathematical codes is the Mandelbrot set, a complex series of numbers that will not deviate and can only be replicated by computer, a complex series that is self-replicating according to some predetermined rule. Creating a finite mathematical equasion of ZN (The set of complex numbers C for which the iteration zn+1 = zn2 + C produces finite zn for all n when started at z0 = 0 – duplicating forever in the non physical world) some say the abstract concept within the mind of a Pure Mathematician = The Creator! all creation being a flash of instantaneous energy,(thought into physical creation, all programs must have a programmer) known scientifically as the ‘One Time Beginning’ to the general population as the ‘Big Bang Theory’ proven by the COBE Experiment (Cosmic Background Explorer, a satelite sent to the extremities of space between 1989-1993)…We are all number! Mathematics = Mathema = Knowledge…

I Want To Know

It was always a passion of mine to know the truth, even from a very young age i was very much different in that respect. Why do people believe what they believe, where does it come from and who is behind it? When I visited buildings of mystique I knew that in its Architecture was the answers, it contained a hidden language that only certain initiates could see, I soon began to read their script and I soon began to decipher their ancient language. There is a group of Aristocracy, for want of a better word, on this planet, that have kept secrets and knowledge away from the rest of us for thousands of years, never wanting us to know what they know. They understand that if people were to ever realise their true potential then reliance upon an outside source would be unnecessary and that nullifies any need for Governments and banks and any other system of control and rule. We have been duped into outside beliefs, such as false icons of rescue in the form of religious figures et al. We don’t need them and when we know this then we have a good gage of our own personal development stage, all we ever need is within us, that is the secret that has been kept from us! We are our own Salvation, WE! Ourselves! This Knowledge is our rightful inheritance…

Disney, The Real Reason

With the re-emergence of Disney and a set of animated films such as the Little Mermaid, Frozen and many others which are again hitting the minds of Children and adults alike just who was Walt Disney and what were his motives? It is quite clear that Disney films have many subliminal messages of sex and low moral standards which speak to our sub-conscious mind. For many people who are familiar with Bloodline ruling families you will know that there are apparently 13 of them. But from those 13 families there are also other families who are interconnected and the Disney line is one of them (Merovingian) The Disney family (originally D’Insigny) came to the UK with William the Conquerer with the Norman invasion of England. Walt was a 33 degree Mason, 33 is the number associated with Mastery and he was used to steal the child within adults and the child within the child. Hollywood generally has this role, the Druids of ancient Britain used the wood from the Holly-tree to make their magic wands, this is the magic of Hollywood. Druid means Oak/Tree knowledge and tree derives from true..therefore True-Knowledge!

The Druids came from Egypt where they were the djedhi. Let’s all return to truth, let’s initiate the ‘Return of the Djedhi’…www,

Christianity Is Sun Worship

Imagine ancient man vunerable in the darkness of night, one eye over his shoulder looking for larger predators hunting him. Then all of a sudden the Sun appears and says “I am the light of the world” “Because of me man shall live forever” (Jesus quotes) Imagine also an ancient system of astronomy that has forged every religion of the world then and now, but the Billions who follow these major religions the world over have no clue as to the origins of their belief because it has been so cleverly hidden from them. Religion of all types is astrotheology, the worship of the stars and planets, Christianity is Sun worship (Jesus is really a metaphor for the Solar Sun – Sun & Son are the same word), the Sun makes its transit through the 12 signs of the Zodiac each year (this is the 12 Disciples), Judaism is predominantly Saturn worship, Islam is mainly the worship of the Moon and Venus with Saturn worship at the likes of Mecca and Catholism, which means a universal system, is also the worship of the 7 visible planets.

Ancient man set his yearly calendar by the stars, he was a master of the Celestial Narrative (Master = Measurer of stars) and many ancient monuments contained this fact also. So, whatever your belief, whatever your choice of God, know that its origins is in the stars.

The Jewish Royal Family…

The British Royal family, who claim to be from the Royal House of David are of Judiac faith and not Christianity as everyone believes. In Judaism Jacob was visited by God upon his pillow (Jacobs Pillow, AKA The Coronation Stone from where monarchs are crowned upon) and told that his seed would rule as Kings & Queens until the return of the promised land (Israel with Jerusalem as a world capital) From Jacob we get the Union of Jacob = Union Jack, the British flag, British means B’rith-ish = man of the contract (that contract is with the Hebrew God Yahweh) Our National Anthem God save the Queen is also relevant to this. The symbol of Royalty is the Lion = Judah(Judah means Young Lion) Judah is one of the tribes of Israel, from where we get the words Jew, Judaism, Judge, Jury et al. The Chaldean’s, rulers of Babylon, also had contact with Judah, Chaldean derives from Ur Chur, which means Moon worshippers, Moon Arch is where we get the title Monarch! Never take anything on face value, look beyond the mask!

The Nativity Story

The Nativity story is really Astronomy (there is a genetic connection too but for now i’ll stick with the stars)…The 3 wise men are the 3 stars of Orion’s belt which follow the star of Bethlehem = Sirius A. In the same observable universe we have the contellation of Cancer which houses a cluster of stars called the Manger and also Asellus Australis and Asellus Bourgeois (North and South Donkey). Jesus was born in a manger between a horse and goat, this is Sagittarius and Capricorn (Capricornus = Horned goat) 2 of the Zodiac signs. On 25th December the Sun (solar Sun = Jesus) moves 1 degree North to commence its annual transit through the Zodiac (having remained dead for 3 days in the same degree of sky on 22nd, 23rd, 24th December), the Sun is therefore born on 25th December…


The Police State

People often believe that a Police-State is a military style policing system, it is not! A police state is a system where civilians (civilian = of Civil law, which is fixed by custom rather than Natural or Astronomical) have police powers which can be seen now with increasing intensity. When i see marked police vehicle’s they are often driven by PCSO’s, i see council enforcement officers being given increasing powers of fine’s and enforcement, i also saw the other week civil road enforcement officers requiring motorists to stop at checkpoints.

We are all Convicts of this legal system by way of being a Victim of a Con! it is no more than a church ecclesiastical system (Reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, Inquisition = period of prolonged questioning) stemming from Maritime Law and many of the legal terms give this clue. State your Name = NA-ME = No divine law, you are being Prosecuted = Pros-Se-Cutis = Skin, you are representing your own skin (Strawman connotations there) which stems from Cestie Que Vie Trusts of the Vatican Church (who run maritime law) enforced in the ‘Dock’ by the Bench = Banco = Bank (commerce law)… Criminal how do you plea? = Cri-men = screams of distress (plea = emotional appeal) Crime = Sinfulness! I could go on but in a nutshell we are from Birth (Berth, docking station for a ship) to Death, Corpus, a dead entity, a business owned by the state (Vatican Trusts) we have right of usage but we own nothing, they own it all under their contrived legal system, held in Lex Fori (law of the forum) Roman/Vatican Law (forum = COURTyard where justice and business was addressed) …


Michael Feeley Author Interview…

How important is research to you when writing a book?

My books are written as a result of either personal experiences (usually paranormal) and also as a result of deep research into esoteric subjects.  It is really important to learn for yourself and to look  into things rather than take the word of another as truth. When I write, especially for my latest book about the religions of the world, I evidence what I have written and could happily and easily go into a room of priests and clergy and stand my ground, evidence speaks loudly and
fact gives you the confidence needed to do it!

What makes this particular genre you are involved in so special?

The genre that I specialise in deals with the deliberate concealment
of truth and knowledge from the masses in order to gain an advantage
over them.  What I do is expose this and inform people of the systems
that enable this to happen to them.  This is self-empowering and when it
realised their world changes for the better. Knowledge is power!

Do you think writers have a normal life like others?

I think that writers are normal people who decide through creative
tendencies to want to inform people of what they have either experienced
or know.  They use the audible manifestations of thoughts (abstract
concepts) which are words in order to express this. I suppose that
normality depends on what it is that the writer is writing about, if
like me it is about personal paranormal experiences and the obtaining of
ancient secret and hidden knowledge it can lead you away from the
normality of society and therefore at times is can be difficult to feel

What is your take on the importance of a good cover and title?

The cover and title of your book is the shop front that you want
people to enter. As visual beings we favour optic images and striking
and intriguing titles and this is the first thing that anyone will see.
They don’t necessarily know you or know about your work so it’s a small
window of opportunity to occupy a split second of their time.

Do you attend literary lunches or events?

I have been in recent talks with local libraries to do just that so
we’ll see what develops. However I have taken part in Tv shows such as
the BBC, Channel 4 and a few independent satellite shows and
documentaries. I have also been on national talks and on the Radio in
both the UK and USA. I am also a regular columnist for online paranormal
magazines and enjoy any platform which enables me to reach out to

Tell us about your writing style, how is it different from other writers?

I served for 17 years as a front-line police officer in the UK and my
writing style has been influenced to an extent by this. I am factual
based but succinct and to the point as I needed to be with my police
evidential writing.  I don’t tend to labour a point but I cut to the
chase and provide evidence for what I have said without losing poetic
license and fluent expression.

Have you ever incorporated something that happened to you in real life into your novels?

Yes, everything that I have ever written about, whether
UFO/paranormal happenings, to ghostly/poltergeist activity to seeing
apparitions of historical famous people and much more it all involved
what has happened personally to me. I also go into detail as to what it
means to both myself and on a much wider planetary level too.

Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

Yes, I have just released my latest book entitled The Secret Of Christ – The Christos Code which details how religious characters and
stories such as Jesus and Moses were never real people that they were
metaphors for a planetary and genetic synergy we know as ‘Medical
Astronomy’.  It is an eye opening and revolutionary book that blows open
all the mistruths of our past and present! For anyone who likes Dan
Brown and the Da Vinci code this is a must for you and it’s real!

Did any of your books get rejected by publishers?

Yes, nearly all of them due to the specific nature of them that I was
told was very interesting and unique but ‘Not for our lists’.  It is
difficult when you have a message that is not the usual mainstream
subjects but perseverance is key.

Do you reply back to your fans and admirers personally?

I wouldn’t use the terms of admirers/fans as it seems to put me above
them when everyone is equal. But yes, any message, any question sent to
me gets an answer. I spend a lot of time doing just that from those who
wish to access the information I have learned or have personally

What is your view on co-authoring books; have you done any?

Yes, I have co-authored several books with my wife.  I think that
it’s valuable to combine knowledge and experience for the betterment of
the work. I guess problems arise when you are not on the same hymn sheet
and have different viewpoints, but this has never been an issue for me.

What is that one thing you think readers generally don’t know about your specific genre?

I think generally because of many generations of indoctrination of
the minds of the public they simply don’t realise that there is an
agenda against them from the very people they entrust to take care of
their interests.  My genre aims to inform them otherwise!

Which writer’s work do you believe most resembles your work?

I would say that in content Dan Brown most resembles what I too write
about which is secret knowledge and symbology as a hidden language of
the initiates dating back to the mystery schools of Egypt. Whereas Dan
writes as a fiction I write them as non-fiction, which they really are,
with evidence for the subject matter.

Although all books say that all the characters in the book
aren’t real or related, but are they really all fictional and made up?

For my latest book The Secret Of Christ – The Christos Code which
was taken from a quote by Pope Leo x,  I am saying that the bible and
other religious books are full of fictional people and deliberately made
up, so in this case definitely.

You don’t have to be a writer in order to be an author – how true is that?

It’s one thing to write something down on a piece of paper and it’s
another to be an ‘Authority’ (Author) on your subject. One requires deep
knowledge of your subject and one doesn’t and I think the two can be a
distance apart.

How big of a part does music play in creating your “zone”?

Music is a vibration that relates and reacts to a similar vibration
like ourselves; your vibe attracts your tribe.  Music can lift us and
inspire us and that is certainly the case for me, lyrics are words and
they touch and penetrate areas indefensible to octave waves.

Have you ever turned a dream or a nightmare into a written piece?

Yes, the first chapters of my first book was about when I and my wife
relived, or was at least shown in an animated way, the death of a
teenage girl from Victorian England who had been a spirit attachment in
both our energy fields for a considerable time, a waking nightmare and
very real.

How hard was it to sit down and actually start writing something?

For me not very hard at all, I tend to let my mind drift and I get
words, almost like a channelling, that start off the passage or chapter
and the rest just follows in an orderly queue.

Writers are often associated with loner tendencies; is there any truth to that?

I can only answer that from my prospective. I am happy alone and I
write better in solitude and my work which is very much a far cry from
mainstream work often puts me in a place of isolation from many orthodox
views and teachings.

What, according to you, is the hardest thing about writing?

For me as a non- fiction writer the hardest part can be the
discipline it takes to actually stick to the subject at hand. It is easy
to go off in many different tangents, as the evidence wants to take you
there, and before you know it you turn around to see that the coastline
has gone.

Any advice you would like to give to your younger self?

Enjoy being young, you can’t buy experience you have to live and learn and that then naturally turns into wisdom.

 Do your novels carry a message?

Yes, you are great; you are universal brilliance in a bottle sized
human body. You have so much more to offer than to be born, work all
your life and pay taxes and then die.  Rise up and be counted!

The Secret Of Christ – The Christos Code  Michael’s new and revealing book!

The Annunaki – A Genetic Viewpoint

It has been scientifically proven that many thousands of years ago the human race went rapidly from Homo-Erectus to Homo-Sapien at a pace much faster than evolution should have allowed, if the evolution theory is correct which I don’t actually subscribe to.

Many of the world’s most advanced societies spoke publically giving exoteric explanations for life and reality but they kept back much knowledge of esoteric content from the masses and this was the basis of the world’s religions and false teachings that are still prevalent in this modern era with fake history, false icons and saviours and alike.

Much of this secret knowledge revolves around the body universe (human body) and how it relates to the macrocosm which is the universe itself, astronomy and medical astronomy and its micro-macro connection. In recent years an author and public figure by the name of Zacharia Sitchen emerged and became famous throughout the UFO and Alien genre with his interpretation of the Sumerian scrolls which spoke about an alien race called the Annunakki who travelled on Planet X, Nibiru and settled on planet Earth to mine for gold which was to heal the hole in the atmosphere of their own planet.

I think that Sitchen has done what many of those in the know have done before him and that is to mislead humanity in order to cover up a much greater truth, the brilliance that is ourselves, which has been the plan for eons of time. I know that aliens exist, I have seen their craft, I have seen them walking amongst us and stood only a few feet away from one of them, I understand that in a universe as vast and as full of life as ours there are other races of life out there and more importantly they are here with us on Earth itself, for many different and opposing reasons.

But for now let’s analyse just some of the most famous and prominent features of the Sitchen translation and look at how that actually relates genetically. To begin with let’s look at Planet X, Nibiru; the so-called 12th planet.

“The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru” (dictionary definition)

This was supported by Sitchin but when we look at Egyptian astronomy they refer to the planet Venus as Neb-heru which is a striking similarity and since these cultures shared belief systems whereby only the names were changed this makes it even more relevant. Now moving onto the Annunaki themselves. The main characters of this story are Enki and Enlil the sheti, the snake brothers, which putting it simply in genetic terms is the double helix of human DNA, as they twist into a serpent shape. This also extends into the Ida & Pingala, the two nerves beside the human Brain known as the White & Black serpent, emitting electrical and magnetic energy, positive and negative charge, the Prana, life force. In the story Enki was positive and Enlil was negative. Ida & Pingala are also connected to the Sun and Moon and Sitchen stated that the Moon was brought to its current location by the Annunaki.

The Moon keeps the Earth at its 23.5 degree tilt, acting as a planetary stabiliser which in turn keeps the oceans as a liquid, maintains a consistent life-supporting global temperature and causes the 4 seasons. The Moon has the same isotopes as the Earth and was therefore created at the same time in the same area of space with the same materials, so therefore it was not brought here. Without the Moon there would be no life on Earth and since Sitchen states that the Annunaki found life on Earth when they arrived, this aspect of his translation is not consistent with scientific fact.

The ruling God of the Sumerian story is Anu which is really the ‘ultimate physical atom of creation’ this could take us onto the biblical story of Adam (atom) and nuclear fission, the separating of the atom into the even (Eve), but that’s for another time, but suffice to say the whole Adam & Eve story is taking about genetics too and not real people.

Naki means to alter or change something for the better, so therefore putting the word Annunaki together it means changing or altering the Atom (DNA) for the better. It is really taking about DNA and genetics and not physical people just like the biblical characters are metaphors, such as Jesus, and not real people either. I can subscribe to the fact that human DNA has been tinkered with and that some people are even today part of a hybrid plan but I am dealing with the Sitchen interpretations of the scrolls themselves which have many different interpretations.

Sitchen also mentions the face on Mars which does exist but he claims that it was a character and leader of the Annunaki called ‘Alalu’ who was built to face Earth, below the face is meant to contain his tomb.

I don’t know about that but what I can state is that mathematically the grid latitude of the face is 4523.893421 which divided by square root 2160 (significant in mathematical coordinates of Stonehenge and also the Zodiac transit) = 97.3386882 which is the diameter of Stonehenge in Wiltshire,UK. Therefore who ever built Cydonian city on Mars, the location of the face, knew about one of the UK’s most famous and sacred monuments and it gave its grid/map coordinates for others, maybe even inter-dimensional travellers, to find. This is also true of the Pyramids on Mars and those on Earth, not least in Egypt, with a mathematical connection that has travelled through space.

We are not alone, never have been and not even today, we belong to a galactic community that most will never know exists as they tune into their own reality source, mainstream news.


The Invisible Secret World

Imagine an invisible prison, a prison that has no walls and no gates and yet no one try’s to escape for the simple reason they don’t know that they live in a prison. Imagine a race of beings so great they are the universe incarnate with all its infinite energy and atomic particles and genetic makeup and yet they have not one clue of their greatness because it has been hidden from their consciousness for generation after generation.

Then come to the realisation that I am referring to planet Earth and the human race, yes ourselves and our home, but how?

Since the dawn of our history knowledge and wisdom has been seen as a gift and not a right and as such only the privileged few have been entitled to it, likened to a seed beneath the ground concealed as it grows sprouting in only the minds of the few. The masses on the other hand deliberately kept in the dark so that this seed of knowledge could never grow in their particular garden, starved of the ‘Light’ another phrase meaning knowledge.

A system put in place so genius and interwoven into the fabric of our reality that those, the minority who see it, are seen by the rest of society as lacking certain minerals when it comes to sanity, the laughing stock to be singled out and mocked and ridiculed and in our recent past even executed as heretics.

Many thousands of years ago an ancient sect who believed themselves to be of higher sanctity than the general populous put such a system in place, they were the Pharisees, which are your modern day high degree masons and infiltrators of global and national governments who rule behind the scenes in the shadow corridors of power, namely the Jesuit/ Zionist sword bearers.

Who knows that every American president has been related to European Royalty and that both are related to the Pharaoh’s of Egypt by blood? A linear line of genealogy that has guaranteed their position of power and influence, the symbolic ‘Red Carpet’ seen at many awards ceremonies such as the Oscars. As ex-President Roosevelt once said “Presidents are selected, not elected”…

We are faced with a hidden language that is encoded all around us that we never decipher, hidden in corporate logos and brand names and alike and by public mudras that only the initiates can understand.

Then we are faced with the most genius creation to date, Religion, and its divide and conquer triumphs over humanity as a race of beings even taking us beyond the point of genocide and war in the name of a so called loving God! Somehow bypassing our ability to think and consider just what it is we’re doing to each other, flicking off the switch of basic humanity and mental rationale, such is its allowed power over us.

Keeping in line with self-aggrandisement the masses have been given false messiahs and idols of worship, a physical storyline to dictate their lives instead of taking ownership and taking appropriate moral actions, choosing to pass the responsibility to another deity to cure all sin and ills which has played right into the hands of the deceivers. It has taken us outside ourselves instead of within which is where our greatness resides, our own Temple (House of God) and Golgotha, the place of skulls where we find the human Brain, the Ark of the Covenant, our cosmic connection.

It is important for a regime intent on the global control of people and resources achieved by ignorance to keep certain information relating to our own greatness away from us for obvious reasons, namely if we all knew how brilliant we really where they would no longer hold claim on us and our lives. If we took control of ourselves and didn’t need a deity in the sky to rescue us they would have no carrot of reward and no stick of punishment to persuade us to follow them.

Religion is the basis of that control and it is powerful. People are sold physical people and stories when in fact at a much deeper level of understanding the Bible and alike are really taking about astronomy and human genetics and how they act in synergy under ‘Medical Astronomy’, it is an ascension book, a secret knowledge withheld from us all.

The world is not how we have been brought up to believe, the things we celebrate, the things we do, the things we have for so long believed in are merely a cloud, a distraction, a deceitful lie imposed upon us all for many millenniums by the masters of fabrication.

There are so many examples of this that I could have shared, but I will highlight just a few in this article.

In the 1500’s the Roman Catholic church, which is in itself a fake Christian front, created what is known as the Cestie Que Vie trust, in effect placing the whole planet in their control by means of that trust, by a ‘Right of Claim’ never challenged. It is symbolised by the ‘Papal Tiara’ the 3 tiered Crown (Vatican Crown). It controls Maritime law which is the law of the land and sea and claims ownership (Ship = a sea/water reference) of all persons, property and salt of the Earth. Even the United States of America is really a corporation acting under Lex Fori (Law of the Forum – which is Roman Law) under the Potus (President) acting as ‘Vassal King’ (holder of land) answerable to the British Monarchy who are themselves answerable to the Vatican. The Pope’s title is Vicarius Filii Dei which means ‘In Place Of The Son Of God’.

They created 3 trusts, (1) (Unum Sanctum- Crown of the land) When a child is born he/she loses all benefits/entitlements and rights to land upon birth. (2) (Aeterni Regis – Eternal Crown) When a child is born their birth certificate is sold as a bond (legally enforceable) to the private central bank of the nation of birth and they therefore lose all right to their flesh condemning them to perpetual servitude as a slave. (3) When a child is Baptised parents are handing over the child’s soul to the Vatican therefore removing the child’s right over their own soul and denying them the right to stand as a person only a creature/thing without soul (Lost at sea) which is called ‘Gift of Title of the soul’ the ‘Baptismal Certificate’ which is then held in the Vatican vaults.

The whole legal system is enforcing these trusts and our courts are enforcing Ecclesiastical/Cannon law as they did in the Spanish Inquisition, this also refers to both Maritime law and also Astronomy but that’s for another day.

The world and its systems are not as they seem and I hope that this article has in some way lifted a part of the deceptive veil that encircles us all, but with every person that learns this a new particle of change sweeps across the planet and a small link of a gigantic chain of servitude is eroded from us all.