The One Time Beginning

By Michael Feeley
The void is dark,
there is no sound, no light and nothingness rules the universe.  All that exists is an abstract concept of pure
mathematics, encoded number sequences, finite and infinite fractals that will
later form shapes and instructions to give us the building blocks of life. Then
all at once a ‘One Time Beginning’ a Eureka moment, a flash of energy and
light, the Big bang and then the universe houses life as we know it. Massless
particles, light, slow down as they travel through Higgs Field and turn into
mass, causing condensed light to form physicality. Sub-atomic particles travel
back and forwards in time, the duration of existence that will become pinnacle
in our third dimensional reality. We are made of the same sub-atomic particles and
can therefore also time travel and this gives rise to the going back to our
past and forwards into our future, a quantum tunnelling effect. We are in many
places at the same time living out multi-dimensionality contributing to the
every possibility mix, all different actions of the same event but as a
parallel, resulting in a different conclusion.
Dimensions, the
minimum amount of coordinates required to specify a point within; provide rooms
within the dodecahedron system and wavelengths separate lifeforms behind a
small veil of frequency spectra so that they remain unseen but for a brief
glimpse as they tune in to one another.
The Russian doll of
micro macro trickles down to you and I as I sit here writing and you sit there
reading, but nevertheless we are an intricate part of the whole experiencing
every possibility until all returns to the whole once again, perfection knows
little without hands-on experience. We skip from one block of third dimensional
time to another which in order to continue to function as dimensionality must
have a definitive separation which is our life and death cycle, the transition
from linear to lateral time, a change of viewpoint as the movie slides that are
our life flicker from one scene to the next. 
As humans in modern
society we tend to journey through life blinkered, told by our media and our
religions that this is it, we have one life and then we become senseless and
non-existent for eternity.
But this is not the
case. In 2009 I left the police service mostly through disillusionment but also
due to a multitude of other-worldly events that were to change my life and my
perception of what life is, forever. This was to be my one time beginning but I
wasn’t intending on turning around and travelling back in time to my former
Imagine being
approached by an Earth-bound spirit, aged 14, trapped in our reality since the
year 1850 who asked you to investigate her death, which turned out to be at the
hands of her step-father who murdered her in her room. Then imagine suffering
poltergeist like events as windows smashed in the house for no apparent reason,
partial possession of my body occurred as I discovered that he too was attached
to my energy field trying to cause relationship problems between myself and my
wife. Then one early morning I was to experience a traumatic event, my wife and
I were shown and relived the girl’s last moments, we too experienced what she
had over 100 years earlier and it took us over 6 months before we would switch
the bedroom lights off again. This at the time did not seem like a good thing
but with the passage of time I learned of other realities and was then to
experience some of the niceties on offer. It seemed like I was being given a
rapid university course, a microwave learning syllabus but without any pressure
or urgency. 
With my wife I began to see what is commonly known as UFO’s sometimes
above me in broad daylight, cigar shaped craft, or at night seeing several
dimensional gateways opening up with craft emerging in the night sky and even
at ground level  whilst walking through a
local park at night with friends. I have even stood just a few feet away from a
being that was not from this planet but was walking amongst us. One night
whilst at work as a police officer I experienced what felt like a landing of
some kind that brought with it unusual sightings of figures in the streets and
gardens and an eerie sensation that we as police were not in control, even more
so when explosions began to occur within local electricity sub-stations that
the electricity board themselves could not explain. And for those of you who
have seen the movie close encounters of the third kind, I too have had callings
to go to certain locations on certain evenings, just like various characters in
the movie itself.
I have been visited
by electromagnetic forces also known as angels who have lit up the room with their
energetic entrance, I have experienced for myself what multi-dimensionality is
and I have been given deep esoteric knowledge that has always been kept within
the walls of the mystery schools for the chosen few, the initiates, which I
share as widely as possible and will share with you all on this site. Knowledge
is our rightful inheritance that is being hidden from us all and is in need of
being returned back to the public domain, this knowledge is written
mathematically within the likes of famous monuments such as the Pyramids of
Egypt and it is encoded in many other landmarks too.
I will continue
another time but for now I leave you with this fact, you are not alone, we are
not alone, we are all part of  a galactic
community of both high and low octaves, but they exist in our space as we in
theirs, just a frequency away.
Best wishes
Michael Feeley


The Code…

Mainstream educational facilities hide the truth because they themselves have had the truth hidden from them by many years of deliberate red-herrings. We have been taught the wrong things so often and for so long that we believe them to be the truth.  But there are an underlying group of initiates who know, but their aim is to keep knowledge to themselves for themselves so that they can rule over  us and our ignorance with ease. 
So in keeping in line with previous blogs regarding mathematics and how it is really the universal language and the doorway to a higher octave, a higher place of resonance; let’s destroy mainstream fabrication. 
On Earth we have famous monuments put there, or so we believe, by the ancients who knew many secrets to the make up of the cosmos and they used advanced mathematics to conceal coordinates of other monuments within the numerology of their own monuments and this extends to the planet Mars. Was this a GPS homing system for those from other worldy locations, a guidance system for them to find certain places?
So let’s analyse the mathematics between monuments and societies that we are taught were primitve. We use Greenwich in London as our time meridian, this is incorrect, the real Meridian is the Great Pyramid in Giza, the exact centre of all landmass of Earth.  These monuments are all connected by Grid-Vectors from Mexico and Peru, to England and Egypt and beyond that too. 
Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK, is a 360 degree circle that has 60 outer stones and 15 centre blocks. When we use the mathematical formula 360 x 60 it equals 21,600 which is a multiple of 51 degrees divided by 10 divided by 42.35 (51 degrees + 10 minutes + 42,35 seconds) this is the exact location of Stonehenge. 2160 is also in years the age of the zodiac sign transition, each sign rules for that period of time. 
Stonehenge is 288 ft across which when multiplied by PI and multiplied by 15 (centre block number) divided by the square root 15 we get 52,562 which is the exact grid longitude of Stonehenge. 52,562 divided by 360 PI = a square root of 2160. Square root 2160 divided by 2 PI = the grid reference of the 3 smaller Pyramids in Egypt (adjacent to the Great Pyramid et al) which equals the square root 2.71 which is the megalithic yard (2.72).  360 divided by the Megalithic yard squared = the radius of the Great Pyramid itself. 
When we use the 3 dimensional formation of the Great Pyramid using double PI we get 9929.184896 which is the encoded grid latitude of the Pyramid of Cydonian City on Planet Mars. And in addition to this the famous face on Mars has a grid latitude of 4523.893421 which when divided by the square root 2160 equals 97.3386882 which is the diameter of Stonehenge.  The Cydonian city is also an exact map overlay of Avebury in Wiltshire, UK. This correlation between encoded mathematical co-ordinates also extends to other Pyramids too such as in Mexico and elsewhere as well as other monuments/sacred locations around the globe. We have a complex yet beautiful system of coded mathematics of the advanced level that we arrogantly believe is patented by modern science; we are very much wrong.
It’s time to put down our school text books and learn the truth…


The Ancient Resonance…

The ancients were not as we are led to believe simply a primitive culture with little more than chissels and impotent hammers held together by animal skin. In fact they knew more than we do today in relation to the Earth and the universe. 
As i have quoted in previous blogs “All is number” – Pythagorus.
According to the Pythagoreans:

“Number was the principle of a divine order in the Universe. The
study of number and its laws therefore was the immediate
contemplation of the divine Law by which everything is held

Pythagorus considered numbers to be a contact with higher places/realms, the divine and the divine order. Is it any wonder then that such monuments as the Egyptian Pyramids and Stonehenge are situated on leylines, the energetic arteries of Earth, all connected to the Heart, the Great Pyramid of Giza? Is it any wonder that they are mathematical calculators based on numbers and number sequences such as Euler theorem of logarithms which is a mathematical sequence of 2.71***** or 2.72 which is the megalithic yard, the metre, a metrical sequence/verse as in Uni-verse enhanced by chanting a song, song meaning a short metrical composition for the voice?  That word metrical appears many times; it is geometry, Earth-measure, the divine principle that gives us Sacred-Geometry. Geometry leads the soul to truth.

All is indeed number in varying forms and harmonics, the sonic equasion, the angle, the planets, the universe and the body. They give rise to famous stories contained in such works as the Bible which gave us the story of Adam and Eve. The first even/female number is 2, the EVE(N)…which i go into in much more detail in my new book “It Has Served Us Well; This Myth Of Christ”…

The ancients knew more than we give them credit for, they knew more than we do today, they were not primitive hunters they were holders of the keys of secret knowledge…


Happy Fathers Day – No Just Sun Worship…
Here in the UK we approach a day of honouring our father with ‘Fathers Day’ many children and adults will share in gifts and say thankyou to their dad.  It is a lovely occasion whereby we show thanks for our parents which is only right, we should honour our mother and father every day. But this is yet another occassion where not is all as it seems. The origins of this celebration comes from an astrological origin as do the majority if not all the things that we celebrate today and have done for many thousands of years.  On 21st June we have the Summer Solstice, the term Solstice is derived from the Latin scientific term solstitium. Containing the Latin sol meaning “the sun” and sistere meaning “to make stand” The summer solstice and winter solstice are the good and bad thieves spoken about in the bible as one steals the sun/light and one gives it back having stolen it from the winter, they flanked Jesus on the cross, Jesus really being the solar sun; which i explain in detail in my book “It Has Served Us Well; This Myth Of Christ”. 
So really on Sunday (Sun-Day) at this time each year we are really worshipping the Sun and not our physical fathers. 
We do too many things blindly and without question or research.


Flat Earth, A Sphere Tactic….
There is much talk among the entitled ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ of a flat Earth. I have been asked many times now what my opinion/position is on this subject.  It is my opinion that the Earth is a sphere and the flat Earth theory is nothing more than a distraction. My reasons are that the number 12 completes the circle and the universe is a Dodecahedron, which has been scientifically proven, therefore it relates to the number 12, the circular/spherical shape. Also Earth’s polar opposites push against each other to create a magnetic shield, a dynamo effect which shields us against harmful solar rays, using Earth’s molten/liquid core creating a convection effect which i think is only possible with a spherical shape not a flat surface. When i look at the sun and moon i can see that they are not a flat,when i look at ancient carvings and scrolls that show the solar system with its planets thousands of years before modern science knew about them, everything is a sphere, so why would Earth be flat?
When the so called truth seekers and oppression fighters stop fighting amongst themselves then maybe they may just get somewhere. 

The Authors Show With Michael Feeley…

The Authors Show With Michael Feeley…

Radio is a good medium from which to reach out to more people with a message relevant to them. If you are free on Tuesday 7th June 2016 then i’d love you to join me on the authors show whereby i talk about the contents of my new book “It Has Served Us Well; This Myth Of Christ” and many other things. Here’s the link if you can join me:
See you there


Adam Kadmon
Adam Kadmon, in certain religious circles the ‘original man’ but who and what was he?
In my latest book “It Has Served Us Well; This Myth Of Christ” it goes into detail about how figures and characters of the world religions, including Jesus, are in fact of a astronomical and genetic origin and not physical people.
This is no different with the ‘Adam Kadmon’.   The Adam Kadmon is the first manifestation of abstract space, the idea before the physical. He is embodied by the Sephirot, the Tree Of Life of the Kaballa, the 10 emanations that encircle the infinite and show how it connects to the finite. The 10 emanations being the 10 stages/levels between humanity and light, the god force. This also relates to different aspects of the human body, which again i go more into detail about in my book in the passage ‘Medical Astronomy’
We are the universe incarnate, which was the original man, the Adam Kadmon, and we are shown this in a hidden way, look beyond the surface levels of false teachings and it will be seen. 

“All Is Number”

Pythagorus once proclaimed that all is number. This is very true when you look into how the Universe is created on the basis of a numerical system. It is also true of aspects of religion which i mention in my new book “It Has Served Us Well; This Myth Of Christ” which states that the most influencial relgion is Zionist Judaism.  When we look at the Star of David, we see such a number sequence hidden beyond the public domain. And this is how it works, to the value of the number 33, a power number.
33 is not only a numerical representation of “the Star
of David,” but also the numerical equivalent of AMEN: 1+13+5+14=33 in simple gemetria, which is the numerical value of words, A = 1, M = 13, E = 5, N = 14 all combining to equal 33.

The Star of David is composed of two opposite triangles,
meaning two 3s – 33.

The significance of thirty-three is also seen at Jesus’s
age at death, 33…Number 33 also is a numerical representation of the Star of
David (also known as the shield of David)

“All Is Number” 


The Mystical Marriage
(Bluestone circle at Stonehenge and its planetary correlation to Earth & Moon)
There has always been a mystical marriage and special connection between the Moon and Earth and the ancients signified this within monuments such as Stonehenge.  The Moon has the same isotopes (chemical element) as Earth and was therefore formed in the same area of space at the same time. It keeps the Earth at a 23.5 degree tilt, acting as a planetary stabiliser and keeping the oceans as a liquid, enabling and supporting life here on our planet. 
If you divide the circumference of the sun by that of the Moon and multiply by 100 you get the polar circumference of Earth, there is also other mathematical connections too. The Moon is exactly 400 times smaller than the Sun and exactly 400 times closer to Earth than the Sun giving the illusion that they are the same size, this gives us the elipses we see in our skies at various times.  The Moon also revolves exactly one hundredth of the speed that the Earth turns on its axis.
These things are no coincidence and were formed and planned that way.


(299-792-458 metres per second)
The ancients knew that the Earth was energised by the arteries of leylines. They built prominant monuments such as Stonehenge upon them, energies enhanced by chanting. But Earth’s leylines have an epicentre, the exact centre of the land mass of the planet and this is of course where the Great Pyramid of Egypt stands. The Pyramids are gigantic resonance chambers that are connected to the belt of Orion, the advanced centre of evolution. The initiates used the vortex in and vortex out process of the double pyramid to enter and return from other worlds. The triangle, tetrahedron shape is the shape of frequency amplification and enhancement. Image a gigantic broadband system and an intricate network on a much more complex and larger scale and then you can see the power station that is the Pyramid system, with the added advanced knowledge of vortex mathematics and the knowing of the speed of light, used as a corordinate as consideration for the location of the monument itself (299-792-458 degrees N latitude, which is the speed of light.