Adam Kadmon
Adam Kadmon, in certain religious circles the ‘original man’ but who and what was he?
In my latest book “It Has Served Us Well; This Myth Of Christ” it goes into detail about how figures and characters of the world religions, including Jesus, are in fact of a astronomical and genetic origin and not physical people.
This is no different with the ‘Adam Kadmon’.   The Adam Kadmon is the first manifestation of abstract space, the idea before the physical. He is embodied by the Sephirot, the Tree Of Life of the Kaballa, the 10 emanations that encircle the infinite and show how it connects to the finite. The 10 emanations being the 10 stages/levels between humanity and light, the god force. This also relates to different aspects of the human body, which again i go more into detail about in my book in the passage ‘Medical Astronomy’
We are the universe incarnate, which was the original man, the Adam Kadmon, and we are shown this in a hidden way, look beyond the surface levels of false teachings and it will be seen. 

“All Is Number”

Pythagorus once proclaimed that all is number. This is very true when you look into how the Universe is created on the basis of a numerical system. It is also true of aspects of religion which i mention in my new book “It Has Served Us Well; This Myth Of Christ” which states that the most influencial relgion is Zionist Judaism.  When we look at the Star of David, we see such a number sequence hidden beyond the public domain. And this is how it works, to the value of the number 33, a power number.
33 is not only a numerical representation of “the Star
of David,” but also the numerical equivalent of AMEN: 1+13+5+14=33 in simple gemetria, which is the numerical value of words, A = 1, M = 13, E = 5, N = 14 all combining to equal 33.

The Star of David is composed of two opposite triangles,
meaning two 3s – 33.

The significance of thirty-three is also seen at Jesus’s
age at death, 33…Number 33 also is a numerical representation of the Star of
David (also known as the shield of David)

“All Is Number” 


The Mystical Marriage
(Bluestone circle at Stonehenge and its planetary correlation to Earth & Moon)
There has always been a mystical marriage and special connection between the Moon and Earth and the ancients signified this within monuments such as Stonehenge.  The Moon has the same isotopes (chemical element) as Earth and was therefore formed in the same area of space at the same time. It keeps the Earth at a 23.5 degree tilt, acting as a planetary stabiliser and keeping the oceans as a liquid, enabling and supporting life here on our planet. 
If you divide the circumference of the sun by that of the Moon and multiply by 100 you get the polar circumference of Earth, there is also other mathematical connections too. The Moon is exactly 400 times smaller than the Sun and exactly 400 times closer to Earth than the Sun giving the illusion that they are the same size, this gives us the elipses we see in our skies at various times.  The Moon also revolves exactly one hundredth of the speed that the Earth turns on its axis.
These things are no coincidence and were formed and planned that way.


(299-792-458 metres per second)
The ancients knew that the Earth was energised by the arteries of leylines. They built prominant monuments such as Stonehenge upon them, energies enhanced by chanting. But Earth’s leylines have an epicentre, the exact centre of the land mass of the planet and this is of course where the Great Pyramid of Egypt stands. The Pyramids are gigantic resonance chambers that are connected to the belt of Orion, the advanced centre of evolution. The initiates used the vortex in and vortex out process of the double pyramid to enter and return from other worlds. The triangle, tetrahedron shape is the shape of frequency amplification and enhancement. Image a gigantic broadband system and an intricate network on a much more complex and larger scale and then you can see the power station that is the Pyramid system, with the added advanced knowledge of vortex mathematics and the knowing of the speed of light, used as a corordinate as consideration for the location of the monument itself (299-792-458 degrees N latitude, which is the speed of light.



David Icke recently appeared on a mainstream politics show called This Week. He was asked if he still believed that the Royal family for example were shape-shifting lizards, to which he of course stated that he did, which has been his stance for many years. So how can this happen?
Mammalian DNA and Reptile DNA do not mix, and when they meet the most dominant at that time will become the most manifest. When the likes of the Queen allow entities to use her physical vessel and thus enter this realm this is what is occuring and there have been many documented witness cases where prominant members of society have been seen to shape-shift both publically and privately.  
It is the repulsion of DNA types. Some Mediums carry out a practice called ‘Transfiguration’ where their image changes to that of the person coming through them, this is a very similar occurence. It is a morphing of features.


In 1953 the International Standards Organisation (ISO) endorsed the lowering of the vibrations of music from 432 Hertz to 440HZ, thus changing it from a universal compatiable and natural sound of sacred vibrations to that of an unnatural frequency that attacks our sub-concious mind. Hertz simply means spins per second. When we look into the meaning of the word music we get Mu = Negative and Sic = Consequence/Result, therefore we have a negative result, just as planned. The human body is under attack in a multitude of ways and this includes sounds that enter via vibratory rhythms.


I’m not one to voice support for politicians; I view them often with the contempt that they deserve. However I was reading a newspaper today and saw a story regarding former London Mayor Ken Livingstone who recently said that Hitler supported Zion by wanting to send Jews from Germany to Israel. He has been attacked and mocked in the street by people claiming he is anti-semitic and a conspiracy theorist. Firstly he is correct, Hitler was involved in a movement that wanted Jews to return to the Promised land, which is a Zionist wish and agenda. Secondly the word conspiracy theory was created by the CIA to debunk anyone challenging the official story of the Kennedy assasination. Thirdly the word anti-semitic cannot refer to those challenging Zionists as many Zionists are actually Khazars and not semitic at all, again this was a term phrased by B’nai B’rith to again debunk those challenging Zion.  
Ignorance shouts and screams so loud and those shouting with the loudest screech should look into their facts before the rhetoric they speak is said.  Many of the fake wars being fought today are for reasons of Greater Israel and Zionist agendas. And as for Hitler; he was probably allowed to escape post war by the vatican who gave high ranking Nazi’s catholic passports and fake identities in order to flee Germany and settle mainly in places such as Argentina; ironically where the current Pope was born.  
Learn the facts; learn the true history before shouting at those speaking truth in a world run by ignorance and apathy for awareness. 
Best Regards
Michael Feeley


My new book is out soon, “It Has Served Us Well; This Myth Of Christ”…and it goes to places that will be uncomfortable for many as it covers religion being a fake facade for a much deeper truth that has remeained hidden for thousands of years.  It tells how bible characters are ficticious and the creation of a ruling elite in the guise of the ancient priests and pharisees.  I contacted my local newspaper last week from a local author prospective; not really expecting much as not many organisations or networks will have the courage to venture into this hornets nest.  As expected over the phone they were interested but not really, they lost their bottle and have seemingly decided that it’s too risque for them, so unsurprisingly the local populous will remain unaware for now.

Best regards

Michael Feeley